Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rose Reinstatement is reporting that Pete Rose's reinstatement application to get back into baseball is still under review, and that there is no timetable as to when Selig will make a decision. Pete Rose was banned from baseball after he reportedly bet against his Reds in 1989.

Pete Rose should be reinstated. Bud Selig has already done enough to corrupt baseball, who is he to keep one of the greatest players of all time out of his sport? Pete Rose played baseball the way it was meant to be played. Everyone remembers the infamous Pete Rose head first slide into third base, or him plowing the catcher in the All-Star game. He is the definition of a baseball player. Oh and on top of that he just so happens to have 4,256 hits. He is a 17 time All-Star, he has 3 batting titles, an MVP, and 3 rings. With that resume it is absurd that he is not in the Hall of Fame. The guy gambled, its not like he did anything to enhance his ability, like take steroids.

Bud, you slap players on the hand for taking performance enhancing drugs, but refuse to give Pete Rose a second chance for gambling. Reinstate "Charlie Hustle", he is the model of what and how a baseball player should play the game, regardless of what he does off the field.

If Rose is ever reinstated he is no question a first ballot Hall of Famer, but would he be a unanimous choice?


  1. Gambling "against" your team is worse than taking performance "enhancing" drugs in my eyes.

    I think Pete Rose should be in the HOF but still be banned by baseball.

    What I mean by that is - let his plaque be on the wall as one of the greatest players in baseball history, which he is - but punish him by not allowing him to participate in any baseball events. Don't even give him an induction ceremony, just put it on the wall.

    Same goes for Shoeless Joe.

  2. I could never see him as a unaminous choice because of the allegations. With writers making the call, has there ever been a unanimous choice?

  3. There has never been a unanimous choice in the History of baseball. Tom Seaver was the closest at 98.84% of the votes.

  4. Betting against your team is not worse than taking steroids. Steroids enhances your ability to perform. I think that Rose has served his punishment and should be reinstated fully.

  5. Doesn't betting against your team negatively effect your ability to perform in a more direct way than steroids do?

    It's been a really slow couple of days at work if you guys haven't noticed.

  6. Betting against your own team?! It directly impacts the outcome of a game...