Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Morning After

In honor of Andy Roddick’s valiant effort on Sunday, Brooklyn Decker….

Phils 22 Reds 1: The Fightins posted ten runs in the 1st inning on their way to a 22-1 victory last night against the Reds. Here’s the gist of the 1st: Rollins led off with a walk and Victorino followed with a liner into the right-field seats. Cueto struck out Utley and Ryan Howard lined out, but the next eight batters reached. Werth singled and Dobbs drove one out to right. Cueto then hit Pedro Feliz and walked Carlos Ruiz before Hamels ripped a double down the right-field line to score both runners. Rollins doubled to left-center, scoring Hamels for a 7-0 lead. Cueto left after he walked Victorino. Daniel Ray Herrera came in to face Utley, who hit a bomb to right-center to make it 10-0.

The Phils have won four in a row and seem to have gotten their acts together. Rollins is looking like the man again and Hamels pitched a gem last night. Good times

A’s 6 Red Sox 0: Rookie Brett Anderson pitched the first complete game of his career, beating 21-year veteran John Smoltz in Fenway last night. He struck out a career-high nine and allowed two singles and two walks while throwing 111 pitches. Nomar played his first game at Fenway since being traded away in 2003 and received a huge ovation from the Boson fans.

HR Derby: Former champion Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder and Adrian Gonzalez will represent the National League in the All-Star home run derby next week. The four bombers are the NL's first basemen for the game July 14 at St. Louis. The home run derby will be held Monday night at Busch Stadium. Pujols leads the majors with 31 home runs for the Cardinals. Howard won the 2006 derby in Pittsburgh. No AL participants have been named yet.

NBA Signing: Jason Kidd has agreed to a 3-year, $25 million contract to stay with the Dallas Mavericks. The 37-year-old PG will probably end his career in Dallas, which is where he started in 1994. Kidd was the No. 2 overall pick out of California that year.


  1. Rollins has been hot lately. I think its all due to a conversation that was held in Cape May over the weekend.

    Sorry Roddick I know you gave it your all, but Roger Federer is just way too good. He dominates tennis like Woods dominates golf.

  2. 21 yr old beats a 21 yr vet.

    Bad signing by Dallas. 3 yr deal to a 37 yr old?

  3. By the way - Things may have been different if Nadal played

  4. Comparing Federer to Woods isn't fair. Federer is the best player in the world, but (in my humble opinion) does not come close to Woods because Woods completely dominates his sport and singlehandedly brought his sport to a mainstream spectator sport. (is this deja vu?) I think Tiger-attended PGA Events get better ratings than most NHL games.

    Great win for the Phils! I wonder what Hamels ERA is against the Reds. He always seems to pitch incredible against them.

    Maybe all we needed was a series against the lowly Mets to get back on track. I think that team is worse than the Nationals these days.

    It'll be fun to see Howard in the HR Derby. He always seems to hit well in that park, so he could dominate.

  5. The outcome of Federer may have been different if it was Nadal on clay. Nadal owns Federer on clay, but other than that Federer is better on any other surface.

    Federer has just set the record for most majors ever in his sport. I think that it is very fair to compare him to Tiger in their respective sports. Tiger doesn't hold the record for most majors in his sport yet.

  6. Anything on NBC or whatever Network will be more telivised than an NHL game on Versus.

    The bodies of work are very fair to compare. 15 majors to 14 in favor of Federer. It could be argued that neither have competed against great competition though - meaning legendary names.

    It used to be that Nadal only had the edge on clay but Nadal has had Federer's number H2H overall during the past year and a half or so. Federer will admit that also.

    Agreed that Howard will be odds on favorite to win the derby in his hometown. Would love to see Howard and Pujols go at it.

  7. Rollins is looking pretty good recently. Reminds me of an old saying, "Let's go J-Roll, Let's go Phils!"