Monday, July 6, 2009

Holiday Weekend NBA Rant

Here is a Holiday weekend rant from friend of DirtyWudders, RH.

Looks like the Pistons are really changing their team. Gordon and Villanueva in, 'Sheed and Iverson out. Not bad, although they still don't really have a point guard. Gordon will eventually take over for Rip Hamilton, in the meantime, one of them can be instant offense off the bench. I'll admit I don't see him much, but I kind of like Villanueva and was surprised the Bucks just gave up on him. I had my doubts about him coming into the league out of UConn--he seemed like an underachieving Odom-type that would drift through games and eat Kit-Kats on the bench. . Plus he was hatched out of an alien pod. But he's shown he can play. Doesn't hurt to be 6 F'n 11 either. Rasheed is a shell of a shell. Although it'd be intriguing to see the Spurs get him. I swear, them and the Patriots can take any malcontent and make them a team player. I think they must administer lobotomies. Even Dante Stallworth didn't smoke or snort anything or drive anyone over his one year in New England. If Laimbeer gets the Pistons job, he's gonna freak out when he sees Villanueva and shoot him with a high-powered ray gun, then ship his remains back to the planet Nebulon for replanting..

Anyway, how bout Iverson? Fascinating how this guy might not get picked up by anyone in the league. He really ruined things for himself in Detroit. If he would've came off the bench and been a team player (novel concept to him) which, um, he said he would, he'd be getting offers from several teams this year. But no, if he didn't start he sulked, then got phantom injuries, ruined chemistry and was basically told to go away. His selfishness will be his undoing. He thinks he's worth so much more than he is, like Spreewell, who was basically blackballed from the league and now landscapes to "feed his family". The crazy thing is, Iverson still thinks he can be the man on a good team. Ludicrous. He's an old 33, and has never taken care of himself. Taco diets and staying out all night will catch up with you (believe me). If he ever put his ego aside, he could be a key part of a team coming off the bench as 6th man, instant offense, and average like 15-20 a game. I don't know who would gamble on him at this point, maybe that kook Larry Brown. If I'm a good to very good team with alot of veterans, I don't want him (see: Detroit). If I'm a team with alot of young guys building for the future, I don't want him either. He'd just come in, dominate the ball, and infect everyone around him.

As for the Sixers.....meh. Wake me up in 2031 when two of Iguodala's illegitimate kids are clanging jumpers so I can wake up and kill myself. Good times. Shawn Kemp's record is safe....for now.
I love Andre Miller, but I doubt I'd give him the 3 years and 30 mill. he's asking. I'd be surprised if they do it too, since I guess they're building for the future with this Holiday pick, a guy that needs ALOT of time. I heard some rumor of Dalembert to the Rockets for McGrady. Apparently their contracts match up, and Houston may need a center with Yao's injury. Some downgrade. Even if McGrady (notorious dog) never played a game for the Sixers, I'd do it. His monstrous contract will come off the books at the end of next year. Not sure why Houston would do it though. I swear, people around the league think Dalembert is better than he really is. They seem to remember the one our of every 6 games where he has a pulse and not the other 5 where he's utterly useless. Kind of like how other teams used to always overrate Bobby Abreu. Great numbers, but then he's on your team and reality hits you in the face. The Yanks couldn't get rid of him fast enough. Although I really miss listening to the Yankees fans on the FAN complain about his being afraid of the wall, yearning for a walk to leave it up to the next guy, and his general laziness.

Surprised it looks like the Lakers aren't gonna resign Ariza. He was their best player besides Kobe (grinding my teeth) in the Finals. What's this now? Phil Jackson will only coach home games on Thursdays and Sundays? And only with a cot behind the bench for naps? He can use Nicholson's belly as a pillow. I think Kurt Rambis had to throw a cup of water on his face to wake him up in the closing seconds of the clinching game. Nah, anyone that can get Kobe to at least think about being a team player (a little bit) has to know something. Kobe now knows the names of 7 of his teammates.

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  1. Heard today that the Sixers asked Houston if they had any interest in Dalembert...the answer? No. Shocking.

    Right on about Abreau. I have never seen a team get rid of a .300 hitter for nothing, and I mean nothing, and instantly get better like the Phils did. Remember the Gold Glove he won that year - ridiculous. He didn't make any errors because he wouldn't go near a ball hit in the air.