Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Morning After

Slow day in the sports world yesterday….

HR Derby: Prince Fielder took the title of HR King this year, edging out Nelson Cruz in the final round 6-5. Hometown favorites Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols advanced to the 2nd round, but Fielder and Cruz knocked them out fairly easily. Could this thing get any longer? It took almost two hours just to get to the 2nd round! I’d rather take a Fatboy Fielder HR swing to the groin than listen to Chris Berman’s ‘back back back’ shtick for that long.

Pedro: Pedro Martinez arrived in Philly yesterday and is expected to take a physical today. The signing should become official sometime this afternoon, with the city of Philadelphia collectively yawning over this BS signing. I have to admit, I’ve warmed up to Pedro being the No.5 SP on the Phils over the last couple days. I’m fine with the signing as long as it’s not their last move – and as long as he brings mini-Pedro along with him.

ASG: The All-Star game is tonight – woo hoo! Five Phillies are on the roster for tonight’s game, with Utley and Ibanez selected as two of the starters and batting 2nd and 5th, respectively. Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino and Jayson Werth will be reserves for National League team. The ASG sucks. I watch it, but it sucks. I’d say it’s the best out of the four major sports, but that’s not saying much when you consider the competition. The AL team has won 11 in a row, with 1 tie mixed in there for good measure. Wake me up on Thursday when baseball is back.


  1. I hope you’re kidding, Sec202.

  2. Berman was funny 10 years ago, now he’s just annoying as hell. Does ‘back back back’ really do it for anyone? How about his hilarious nicknames for players? What does he have to offer…the Swami shtick? Give me a break. He’s a loser. I wish he would go away.

  3. He's an announcer and doesn't claim to be an analyst. The Swami Shtick is a joke and he makes fun of himself because he's so bad at it.

    Berman isn't the best, but he's perfect for an event like the HR Derby.

    Namesake - Are you now going to tell me that the "Swing and a long drive, watch that baby, way outta here!" Shtick was getting old for you?

  4. I actually muted my TV last night. C'mon Rico, how can he be perfect for a HR Derby? When there are that many home runs, how many times do we need to hear "back, back, back, back"? Painful

    I understand that he is still around because he has been around since the beginning but I think he should stick to PrimeTime - or whatever is is called now.

  5. He's just like Vitale. He has his fans so they're going to keep him there.

    He actually brings excitement to an otherwise dull event? When Nelson Cruz has three hours to spare in between at-bats, there is something wrong. Can you name someone else who could keep your attention for that long? Don't say Joe Morgan and Jon Miller could do any better? And don't let me forget "The GM"---meaning that failed GM from the Mets Steve Phillips.

    Who's your replacement?

  6. I like Vitale in a big-game environment because he gets you pumped up but have grown annoyed when he talks about his PTP'ers and Diaper Dandies and anything Duke.

    Re: 3 hours long. ESPN's fault. Berman has much to do about that. Not needed.

    Re: replacement. I guess it would have to be "in-house". How about letting the talkers (analysts) talk and bring in the home-town announcer (in this case St Louis)to call the HR shots. At least it would be new material and have a home-town feel.

  7. Did I read that correctly? It's Berman's fault that the event is three hours long? If that's the case, I'd love to hear your reasoning why.

    ESPN already has a bunch of "in-house" guys doing the color, but they're pretty dull. Where's Kruker? He used to do this with Berman.

    I like the idea of the home-town announcer, but I would imagine that ESPN would have a problem with it because they would basically be admitting that they don't have the talent even though they have all of the money.

  8. Berman is old but he is an icon. He has been around forever so leave the guy alone Namesake. I would rather listen to him yell "back, back, back" than you bitch and moan about him. Berman can be annoying but he is the voice of the homerun derby, and will be until he retires.

  9. You don't think Berman has power at ESPN? Why does he get to pick and choose when he does a game? Yes ESPN, and I'm including Berman in that, is the only reason it is 3 hours (or whatever it is)long.

    Berman had since last July to think of the clever sayings about the Gateway, Archs, ball landing in each of the closest rivers and "Prince being the King tonight". It is about ESPN making time for Berman's "anecdotes" and there being no other sports on TV.

    The players don't want it that long - that was clear by the players who backed out.

    ...Wasn't it great to hear Berman and Morgan reminiscing like him and Tom Jackson do every Sunday?

  10. The derby sucks anyway - they need to change the format - but Berman makes it even more painful. He specializes in reading scripted highlights from a teleprompter, not announcing live events. Let’s not forget Steve Phillips and Joe Morgan, two guys who are possibly harder to stomach than Berman.

    How about the ball tracker last night? Didn’t they learn anything from the NHL and the glowing puck?

  11. Doc's comment -"You don't think Berman has power at ESPN? Why does he get to pick and choose when he does a game?"

    - What "games" does he do? He's an ESPN Anchor who hosts special events. He doesn't pick & choose. He's one of their only true hosts that has a noticeable voice and face that actually knows baseball. He's their only choice.

    Doc's comment - "Yes ESPN, and I'm including Berman in that, is the only reason it is 3 hours (or whatever it is)long."

    - It has nothing to do with the advertising money and the fact that there's nothing else on TV? I don't think Berman is getting paid an hourly wage here.
    Doc's comment - "It is about ESPN making time for Berman's "anecdotes" and there being no other sports on TV."

    - Really? It's Berman's fault that the other major sports aren't in season during July? I forgot that he was around since the early 1900s when the sports seasons were established. Maybe ESPN should turn on synchronized swimming while we wait for All-Star Weekend to finish up.
    - How does ESPN make time for Berman's anecdotes? His dialogue goes along with the flow of the Derby and in no way impacts its duration. That just doesn't make sense.

    Doc's comment - "The players don't want it that long - that was clear by the players who backed out."

    - Players backed out because they think it messes up their swing. Not because its too long.


    Namesake - I agree about the "balltracker". That was weak and it was normally about 20-30 feet off. I'm sure we'll never see that again.

  12. Re: "games". He was never just an anchor. He was a Host and a play-by-play guy. Whether or not he still does games -i don't know- but I feel like he has shown up on a pennant race game late in the season. He also used to only do the ESPN playoff games. Maybe games was not the right word. He picks and chooses his events.

    Karl Ravech knows more baseball but has a dirty mouth.

    Re: TV. This was addressed in the next point.

    Re: Seasons. I said nothing about seasons. I said there was no reason it had to be 3 hours long. You are speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Just a few comments ago - you said "When Nelson Cruz has three hours to spare in between at-bats, there is something wrong".

    Re: Berman's anecdotes going along with the flow. Lets just say that we agree to disagree.

    Re: backed out. Is that what Abreau told you? He'll also tell you that he was a gold glover. It's batting practice in front of a big audience. They may say it hurts their swing... That's like me not participating in the 3-point contest because it might hurt my foul shot.

  13. Ok to me "anchor" is a sportscenter anchor. Baseball tonight and Prime time, would be host. Thats what I meant by "not just an anchor but also a host"...

    It could also be the same thing.

  14. I don't remember many (if any) times in the last five years that Berman showed up to do any ESPN Baseball games.

    Say what you will about his anecdotes going along with the flow, but I don't know how it makes the event longer.

    I'm not saying that I like the fact that the event is three hours long. I just know why ESPN & MLB do it. It's lack of competition and advertising. They try to dare us to turn something else on. American Idol just doesn't cut it for most sports fans...However, finding out how Berman has blame in that is where I'm struggling.

    Abreu isn't the only one who said the Derby. I remember A-Rod and David Wright (and there were probably others) saying the same things. Has anyone ever used the escuse that the event was too long? They're all sitting there watching it anyway.

  15. You are completely reaching here:

    I clarified your first point with my last comment.

    2: You are still putting words in my mouth...Here is what I said: "Yes ESPN, and I'm including Berman in that, is the only reason it is 3 hours (or whatever it is)long." Translation: I believe Berman is a decision maker at ESPN and ESPN is the reason it is 3 hours long.

    I hope they didn't dare people to turn it off because my guess is most did.

    There are many excuses why players back out - you can believe which ones you want to.