Monday, July 13, 2009

Drabek, Flande Throw Well at Future's Game

Reading Phillies pitchers Kyle Drabek (US) and Yohan Flande (World) each pitched a scoreless inning Sunday in the All-Star Futures Game in St. Louis.

Drabek recorded a perfect second inning, after 4 hours of rain delay, needing just 10 pitches to retire three batters, including a strikeout. Flande allowed a pair of singles in his scoreless inning and struck out two. The World defeated the U.S. 7-5

Drabek's outs included a strikeout of Luis Durango, a career .335 hitter with two minor-league batting titles from the Padres organization, and a routine fly ball by Alcides Escobar, Milwaukee's highly regarded triple-A shortstop.

I would love to see Drabek called up, '08 David Price style. He could be a pretty nasty secret weapon out of the bullpen. His workload will probably scare the Phillies out of using him as a starter in September but he probably could do that too if needed, due to his Tommy John'd arm. Before I start getting called a hypocrite, let me say that I would move him right back to the rotation after the season ends.


  1. Last year Carrasco dominated at the Future's game too. I mean look what he has done since then. I like Drabek a lot though, and I dont want to see him get packaged up in a Halladay deal. I think this kid has a lot of potential and could eventually be a really good pitcher in the bigs.

  2. Based on that logic, wouldn't it make sense to package Drabek into a deal for Halladay now because he stock is so high?

    I like him a lot too and I'm not for giving up our entire farm system, but Halladay is a game changer.

  3. The Future's game is an All-Star Game - all I'm saying is he got a couple of guys out.

    Carrasco has never had the kind of season Drabek is having. Carrasco being a top prospect was based on his potential if he developed the way they hoped. Dude is still only 22 but he has never dominated at any level.

    Fans heard "top prospect" and figured he should be a star but Carrasco was never projected to better than a #3 guy in the rotation.

  4. I would not give up Drabek for a year and a half of Halladay. Its not like we are desperate to win a World Series. We proved last year that we could win when we didnt get Sabathia, why cant we do it again this year. Halladay would be a huge boost to our staff, but we are 4 games up at the break thats not too bad. Why go out and sell the farm for one guy who will get you a couple more wins this year. I have no problem with giving up other prospects for him, but not Drabek.

  5. I see what you're saying, but our pitching was actually pretty good last season. Myers went nuts in the 2nd half of the season; Hamels turned into an ace, Blanton and Moyer had VERY good seasons and our bullpen was the best in the league.

    I don't see that happening this year. Now, our offense is playing better than it did last year, but pitching is what wins in the playoffs.

    Having a 4-game lead at the break means nothing. If we don't win this division, it would be a travesty! It's going to come down to beating the Dodgers, Cards, Yankees & Red Sox. Halladay would help that a lot.

    I don't think Halladay will strong-arm us out of money. This is the same guy who has taken less money in his last two contracts to stay with the Jays because he wanted to free up money to put a winner on the field. I think we'll be able to sign him to a 4-year extension at the end of the season (if not at the time of the trade). Sec202-if we were able to do that, would you be willing to deal Drabek?

  6. I would make Drabek untouchable. He has shown some really promising signs that he can be a #1 or #2 down the road. Halladay is going to want big money after his contract is up especially cause it is probably going to be the last contract that he will negotiate before he retires.

    4 games up is pretty good at the break. I know that doesn't mean anything right now, but it proves that we have been getting it done so far. I know our pitching isn't good enough to win right now, but right now Blanton is pitching better than he did last year for us and Moyer after a slow start is back to where he was last year. Our bullpen is obviously not as good as last year, but hopefully that will turn around.

    The Yankees and the Red Sox are the least of the Phillies concerns right now. The most important thing right now is how are they going to win the division. Halladay is a great solution to that, but not for such a steep price. I think that a Mark Buehrle is just as good as a solution that will come at a much more reasonable price.

  7. Complacency can definitely lead to the Phils downfall.

    Drabek is our biggest prospect, but who knows if he's going to turn into anything? Why not trade for a sure thing who has plenty of years left when our team is at it's peak?

    With all of the money the front office is getting from our 100%+ attendence and merchendice since the World Series run, they have much more money than they lead on.

    Is Blanton really pitching better than he did last year? Maybe over his past three starts, but will it hold up? Moyer is unpredictable and Pedro is an an unknown.
    Are you comfortable with that going into the playoffs?

    Sec202 - If you're worried about whether or not we're going to win the NL East, than we probably should even be talking about being a World Series Contender. The NL East is the worst division in baseball and the Phlis could throw you and I out there as the #4 & #5 starters and win this division with a cushion.

    If the Phils don't get Halladay, it's not the end of the world, but if they don't pursue him because Drabek is untouchable, that's just rediculous!

  8. Where are you getting complacency? If Toronto is asking for too much the Phillies should not panic and give whatever they ask for... If they do not get him, its not because they were complacent.

    I think Halladay makes the Phils the "odds on" favorite to win the NL but it would be unwise to sell the farm. I only give Drabek, if its Drabek and very little else. If its Drabek and much more, I walk and find pitching elsewhere.

    The $$ story was probably a negotiating ploy. The Phillies are in the best position to acquire Halliday so if Toronto thought they were backing away - maybe Toronto will back off. Doubt its going to happen. Its still early.

    You guys aren't a bit sold on Happ huh? Our most effective pitcher, and he's not even mentioned in your talk about rotation?

  9. I don't think they should sell the farm, but putting an "untouchable" tag on Drabek is not smart in my mind.

    I'm not sold on Happ "yet" as a long term pitcher. He's been damn good, but he needs to do it for a whole season. I definitely do like what he's done so far though.

  10. Untouchable is a word for fans and media. If Toronto was willing to trade Halladay for Drabek straight up - Amaro bites, no doubt about it.

    I just don't know where you got complacency..

  11. Complacency was based on Sec202's theory that the Phillies are good enough now because we won the World Series last year.

    I'm saying that we're not the same team that we were last year.

  12. I thought he was saying there is no need to panic.

    I think everyone will agree there is a need for a front line (2 or better) starting pitcher but which one, depends on the ransom.