Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Phillies have their "Balls in the Air"

The Phillies have other options if they cannot acquire Roy Halladay. According to Ken Rosenthal, when asked whether the Phillies were still interested in Cliff Lee, one club official responded, "We have many balls in the air. And we are still looking for top-of-the-rotation help."

Rosenthal goes on to say that acquiring Lee would mean giving up a package of a major league ready starter (J.A. Happ), and prospects (Carlos Carrasco and Dominic Brown).

That may be a nice consolation prize but I think there is more risk in Cliff Lee than in Halladay. If I am giving up that kind of potential, I am looking for sure things. If push comes to shove and Halladay is off of the market, I think I would give serious thought to that offer.

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