Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The Phillies are in a ridiculously strong position here. How often do the World Series Champions, also have the best prospects to acquire the top talent? The Red Sox and Yankess, I guess, have in the past but alot of that was just willingness to spend money.From (foxsports);The notion that the Jays cannot justify trading Halladay to the Phillies without acquiring Brown or the team's other top prospect, Class AA right-hander Kyle Drabek, is absurd. One scout who covers the Phillies says he likes Class A right-hander Jason Knapp, who is currently on the disabled list, even better than Drabek.

That should be great news for those who do not want to trade Drabek. In Rosenthal's article; The same scout says he would be comfortable taking Class A outfielder Anthony Gose or Class AAA outfielder Michael Taylor if he could not acquire Brown.

There is also a report that Kyle Kendrick has been pulled from his 'Pigs start tonight, raising speculation that he may be part of a deal soon - possibly for right handed bat, Josh Willingham or the Rockies Ryan Spilborghs.

Go Phils


  1. Who cares about Kendrick...He's a bum, right Sec202?

    So when we make the trade for Halladay (or another top of the rotation pitcher), we're going to have too many starting pitchers (not a bad problem to have), especially if Myers comes back.

    If we make the trade and Happ is still on the team, I think we don't even attempt to get Martinez into the rotation and teach him to be a 6th & 7th inning guy.

  2. I realize that Myers isn't even going to try to come back as a starter because he wants his next contract to be as a closer but Lidge is finally looking like an actual closer these days so he won't close on this team unless there's an injury.

  3. The gNats are a team that could take a chance on Kendrick developing. Its doubtful he'll ever get that chance here.

  4. Couldn't haved said it better myself Spider Rico. On the other hand I think that Willingham would be a nice addition to the Phils. The guy can hit home runs and he would be a good player to have on our bench.

    I like the position that the Phils are in right now too. I mean they should have a back up plan if Halladay should fall through. I think that Lee is a great alternative if we dont land Halladay. He will come at a much cheaper price and his salary is no where near Halladay's

  5. Word is that the Kendrick/Willingham rumor was complete BS...as are most rumors this time of year.

  6. Condrey to the DL and Kendrick is back up.