Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PSU is #2!

Matthew Hayes of has Penn State ranked with the second easiest non-conference schedule in the country. 2 Mac Teams, a bad Big East team and a 1AA team (now called FCS), all at home.

This is rather embarassing for Penn State fans. The Big Ten should not bitch about not getting respect from the voters when fattening up their records against Eastern Illinios and Syracuse. Can't they atleast play regional games against Ruters, Pitt, West Virginia and Maryland?


  1. I'll preface this by saying that I'm not a big PSU fan..I follow them because I'm from PA, but they're not my favorite squad...

    I wish they did play games against Rutgers or Pitt, but history has proven that the Big10 doesn't get respect, so the only way they have a chance at a National Title is to go undefeated. If they lose a September game to Pitt and then run through the Big 10, they have very little chance at winning the title.

    Maybe this is JoePa's wya of saying, "alright, you won't change the system? Then we're going to change our schedule to give us our only opportunity to win it."

    It may be playing scared, but I think it's more a statement to the BCS.

    Get the rivalry with Notre Dame back up. That was fun to watch...

  2. Is this the first year that Notre Dame didn't make that "Bottom 10" list?

  3. A couple of years ago, didn't Ohio State lose a game in November and still make the BCS Title game? Last yr Ohio State got hammered by USC in September and still made a BCS Bowl.

    I think the Pac10 has more of a history of weak non-conference schedules. When was the last time you saw USC play a game in the cold weather? Last yr they played ND at home on November 29. This yr they play in South Bend on October 17. The 2 previous years it was the same.

    Penn State has to play against better competition because once Joe Pa's gone, they may not have the same opportunity