Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This Guy

Last night I attended the Phillies game and sat in the same seats where I witnessed the greatest moment of my life. This was the first time since game 5 that I sat in those seats and it brought back some great memories. There was just one problem there was this annoying petty Cubs fan blocking my view of Jimmy Rollins. This guy, (pictured above, in case you haven't noticed) was holding up a sign that read "Philadelphia Phillies = 10,000 losses". So being the ridiculous fan that I am I took a picture of him and thought to myself that I am going to write him a letter on dirtywudders today. I gave him the name of our blog, and hopefully he remebers to check us out and read this.

Dear This Guy,

I want to thank you first and foremost for providing me with some ammo to express how little I care about the fact that you, and the rest of the north side of Chicago haven't won a world series in over a decade. Year in and year out the Cubbies are the favorites to go to the World Series, and year in and year out they choke. I mean you blame your losing ways on a goat. A goat?! What does a goat have to do with the fact that your players suck. At least when Philadelphia has losing seasons we blame it on the players and the umps. Something that actualy has an impact on the game itself. Also next time you go to a ball game please make sure the sign that you are holding does not have anything to do with the Phils and losing. You can get away with that at a Pirates or a Nats game, but not here. I cannot believe that you were actually offended that the whole section was tearing into you for holding that sign. You called Philly fans insecure. Maybe you are right, actually you hit the nail right on the head. At the same time you are holding a sign that is only going to make things worse. Your best bet is to just sit there and enjoy the game. Just be glad that is was section 138, and not section 202 on a Sunday. That would have gotten real ugly real fast. Just ask some of the other Section 202 whack packers like pube face or pimple/mole boy. One thing I can say is that Cubs fans are no where near as bad as Mets fans. So I guess I can commend you for not being a Mets fan, This Guy. Well hopefully you enjoyed your stay in Philly this week while the Phils were kicking the you know what out of your precious Cubbies. I would say see you in the playoffs, but you wont make it.

Sincerely Yours,
Peace and Love
Section 202


  1. Much longer than a decade. That prick kind of looks like Bartman. If that was the Vet, he may not have walked out of there alive (at least with a serious limp). Although no one would've been there.

  2. I made a trip out to Wrigley last year and the Chicago fans were all over us about how the Phils will be lucky to make the playoffs and if they do they will get swept just like the year before...Fast Forward to October - Dodgers 3 Cubs 0. Phils 4 TB 1. World F'ing Champs! Harry Kalas kicks Harry Carey's ass.

  3. I had a completely different Chicago experience. When I went to Wrigley the last two years, the Cubs fans were great. We empathized with each other because we were both known for losing (until last year).

    Every team has fans like this, but it's not all of them.

    I'm glad that this "letter" was to this asshole and not Cubs fans in general because then we would be hypocritical based on the fact that we always get mad at the national media for stereo-typing the Philadelphia fan based on 1-2 assholes.

    Did this guy lose a bet or something? How could someone have the balls to hold up a sign like that in a team's stadium that just won the World Series and is currently the best team in the National League when his team hasn't done anything in a century (not a decade). Sec202 - I'm amazed that you're not in jail, because I sure would've been.

  4. Im pretty sure Section was sick that day they taught about decades and centuries and such. The alphabet throws him off too.

    Maybe I am just not the empathizing type...After the Cubs won the first 2 out of 4 (phils won final 2) the Cub fans were all over me. Sober eyes may tell me that I was doing some antagonizing but that does not matter to me because I sure as hell was not sober.

  5. Yea I was definitely sick that day. I meant to say centuries haha.

    I am not the empathizing type either. Hey Spider stop blowing the Cubs fans.