Monday, August 24, 2009

Bruntlett Channels His Inner-Mickey, Phils Win

Crazy game Sunday in New York, here are some of the odd moments from yesterday’s 9-7 win over the Mets at Citi Field:

- Eric Bruntlett turns an unassisted triple play to end the game. Mickey Morandini is not happy.

- Jayson Werth and Chooch Ruiz both hit 3-run homers in the 1st inning

- The Phillies starter, Pedro Martinez, received a standing ovation in the 1st inning.

- The Mets starter, Oliver Perez, was removed from the game and booed in the 1st inning.

- Angel Pagan hit a leadoff inside-the-park HR. Shane Victorino was ignored by the second base umpire after the ball got stuck under the outfield wall.

- Brad Lidge didn’t blow a save.

The loss puts the Mets 15.5 games behind the Phils in the NL East. That makes me happy. The Phils have a 6.5 game advantage over the 2nd place Braves, and with the Fightins traveling to Washington this week the lead should only get larger. Cliff Lee pitches this afternoon for the Phils against the Mets Bobby Parnell – why even bother playing the game? Win. Go Phils.


  1. Oliver Perez is horrible. 3 years $36 million contract? I am happy Omar Minaya is safe.

  2. Odd moments? How about Brutlett's 3 hits? almost 4. Did that match his season total or does it just seem that way?

  3. I hate that this triple-play is going to stand out in some fans' minds when they think of Bruntlett. Already, people have forgotten that he put both Castillo and Murphy on base "unassisted" anyway.

    I was really hoping he would fade away sooner or later. Every time I see him coming in to pinch hit - I think to myself that this must be the baseball equivalent of a punt.

  4. He's back in the lineup today - in for Rollins.