Friday, August 7, 2009

Crabtree willing to sit out '09 Season

Former Texas Tech wideout Michael Crabtree has decided that he shouldn’t have to be paid less then Darrius Heyward-Bey just because the Raiders picked DH-B 3 spots ahead of him. Do you know why? Because mock drafts all had Crabtree going as the first WR picked.

The 49ers thought the steal of the draft dropped into their laps at number 10. This is not looking so good now. DirtyWudders may have to re-think their 49ers prediction in the NFC West Preview.

A rookie salary cap would fix this problem. It is interesting during the draft, that teams with picks in the top 10 had so much trouble trading down because other teams did not want to pay such a big chuck of change to an unproven rookie. A top 15 pick often recieves more money than a proven NFL veteren. It is ridiculous that these rookies are holding out for money without ever proving anything.

I cannot believe I am writing this but the NFL should look to the NBA as an example on how a rookie salary cap works. After that, don't ever look to the NBA again for a positive example unless you want to be able to trade Aaron McKie to a team even though he has been retired for 2 years and had been employed on a different team as an assistant coach. Confused? Good.

I promise to never, ever, praise anything involving David Stern again.


  1. I couldn't agree more. The NFL needs some kind of Rookie wage scale. It would save teams a lot of headaches during and after the draft.

    I hate when rookies come into the league acting like they're owed something. Crabtree hasn't proven anything in the NFL, why should SF mortgage their future on an unproven commodity?

  2. He said that he will be willing to sit out an entire year if he doesn't get $23 million guaranteed in his contract. If he sits out an entire year, he would then re-enter the draft. He has to be kidding right? Why does he think that someone else will pay him that money after he sat out and didnt play football fot a whole year? What a baboon

  3. Baboon is one of the funniest words ever!

  4. Should he just do what every other NFL player does and sign a 7-year deal standard rookie deal and then hold out next year complaining that he signed a bad contract and claim that it needs to be renegotiated before he gets back on the field (ala Westbrook/Lito/Sheldon/T.O/etc.)

    No, this guy is doing the right thing for him. Is he arrogant? Yes. Is he as good as he thinks? Probably not. But he's trying to get the maximum possible $$ that he can get. This guy was the most talented WR in the draft and if Al Davis retired 10 years ago like he should've, this wouldn't even be a discussion.

    This is a completely different situation than Maclin holding out because the Eagles are in position for a Super Bowl run and Maclin is a big part of that. Maclin needs to be on the field. The 49ers are a long way from a title run, so him not being on the field isn't as problematic.

    Good for you, Crabtree!...Get your money now because you were just drafted by the NFL version of the Clippers!

    (I know the 49ers aren't the Clippers because they have a ton of rings, but over the last 10 years they equals.)

  5. Every guy you mentioned held out because they believed they outperformed their second contract. Much different situation then a rookie contract. I cannot think of a rookie who held out his second year. Can you?

    A standard rookie (1st rd'r)contract is 5 years. It is 5 years because the pay is so high. If you do well, either teams will offer you long-term extensions or you can chase the big pay-day like Asante Samuel did with free agency. With a cap the money and years could go down, rewarding the guys who earned it.

    Was Al Davis the only guy who would have passed on Crabtree for Bey? Doesn't matter. Fact is Heyward-Bey was picked before him.

    Good for you Crabtree! - If you sit out a year you are going to end up in the Maurice Clarett/Mike Williams chapter of NFL history, instead of playing one of the most glorified positions, on one of the most storied franchises in NFL history - all because you believed the mock drafts over the one that actually happened.

  6. What's the worst that can happen for Crabtree? He sits out this year and signs a deal to play in some "minor league" Football League or Europe and enters the draft next year when there aren't ANY good recievers projected. He will be a Top 10 pick and get the money he wants. There will be teams willing to gamble on him becuase he'll be THAT much better than what's available.

    As long as he stays away from large arsenals, the Israeli Mafia, and Ohio State's corrupt coaching staff, he'll stay away from ending up in the Maurice Clarett Chapter of NFL History.

    The guy is a talent and will be a different maker either this year or next.