Friday, August 7, 2009

PSU # 8 in Preseason Coaches Poll

Defending Champ Florida received 53 out of 58 first place votes and will begin the season ranked #1. Penn State also begins the season where it left off last year at #8. Penn State's only matchup against a top 25 team in on November 7, home against #6 Ohio State. Notre Dame sneaks in as #23. Is it safe to say it is do or die for Charlie Weis?

Here is the top 25.
1. Florida (53)
2. Texas (4)
3. Oklahoma (1)
4. USC (1)
5. Alabama
6. Ohio State
7. Virginia Tech
8. Penn State
9. LSU
10. Ole Miss
11. Oklahoma State
12. California
13. Georgia
14. Oregon
15. Georgia Tech
16. Boise State
17. TCU
18. Utah
19. Florida State
20. North Carolina
21. Iowa
22. Nebraska
23. Notre Dame
24. Brigham Young
25. Oregon State


  1. Penn State's schedule is set-up for a BCS Game but not the Championship. It would take some major losses above them for that to happen.

    As a ND fan, I think the #23 ranking is rediculous and I'm not sure what it's based on. Maybe the loss to Syracuse last year?

    Notre Dame will improve this year and I think they have a CHANCE to end the season in the Top 25 and get a respectable bowl game, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's another pathetic season.

  2. I was hearing rumors that Nevada is a team that can make a push for an undefeated season and a BCS game. Did they even get votes for the Top 25?

  3. From and LA Times

    With a favorable schedule, and the lunacy hype that accompanies all Notre Dame rises and falls, and home station NBC never wavering in its flag waving, the Irish appear locked and loaded for nine wins and a Bowl Championship Series bowl berth. At least fifth-year Coach Charlie Weis had better hope so -- if he wants to keep coaching on Saturdays. The incandescent glow of Irish football following that indelible Bush Push loss to USC six games into Weis' first season in 2005 has given way to the kind of five-year mediocrity stretch that cost Bob Davie his job after going 35-25. Weis is 29-21 through four seasons and can't afford another 6-6 year that ends with a post-bowl luau in Waikiki.
    (Los Angeles Times)

  4. Looks like Nevada is 40th or so...

    Others receiving votes (with 2008 records): Kansas (8-5) 138; Michigan State (9-4) 136; Texas Tech (11-2) 114; Cincinnati (11-3) 90; Pittsburgh (9-4) 64; West Virginia (9-4) 55; Rutgers (8-5) 51; Miami (Fla.) (7-6) 46; Missouri (10-4) 44; Illinois (5-7) 38; Clemson (7-6) 30; South Carolina (7-6) 18; UCLA (4-8) 14; Auburn (5-7) 12; Nevada (7-6) 11; South Florida (8-5) 11; Kentucky (7-6) 9; North Carolina State (6-7) 7; Arkansas (5-7) 6; Wisconsin (7-6) 6; Northwestern (9-4) 5; Southern Mississippi (7-6) 4; Wake Forest (8-5) 4; Arizona (8-5) 3; Boston College (9-5) 3; Central Michigan (8-5) 3; East Carolina (9-5) 3; Colorado (5-7) 2; Maryland (8-5) 2; Navy (8-5) 2; Tennessee (5-7) 2; Houston (8-5) 1; Michigan (3-9) 1; Minnesota (7-6) 1; Troy (8-5) 1.

  5. PSU's schedule is cake. It's the kind of schedule that even if they went undefeated, I dont think they would make the NC. I'll still be pissed if that happens though.

    ND always has so much hype in pre-season. I dont see where they made such a vast improvement over last year. Charlie is a sitting duck if they don't turn it aroun

  6. I think the fact that Penn state is ranked so good to start the season helps them if they run the table. They will not have to jump many teams. I don't believe that they will run the table but if they did, they only have to jump 6 teams (assuming they beat OSU). And a bunch of those 6 teams play each other.

    I think ND has a lot of unfulfilled talent. I think the QB is terribly overrated but if he lives up to his high school hype, and along with arguably the best WR core in the nation - they could put up some big points. ND is consistantly in the top 10-20 in recruits - the voters (in this case, coaches) can only assume eventually they will win some games.

    Next year PSU starts a home and home with 'Bama. That would have helped the strength of schedule this year..

  7. The 2nd picture is my favorite. I can't stop looking at it.