Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DE Parker Busted with Pot

Eagles defensive end Juqua Parker was arrested at 12:33am Wednesday morning in Lower Saucon Township for possession of a "small amount of marijuana". He posted $1000 bail and was released this morning. Andy Reid was quoted as saying, "It's in the law's hands right now. As time goes on, I'll know more." What an asshole. Smoke weed in the offseason - not during training camp.


  1. I thought Buckhalter used to provide it for the team?

  2. He should've at least borrowed the "grinding device" from Reggie Redding. Apparently 2 co-eds were in the car as well.
    No posting on the Primoz Brezec signing?? I first though that was the name of a new sandwich on Primo's menu and got excited. Then I saw it was some journeyman stiff foreigner. Meh.

  3. If he just hid it in Todd Herremans' underboob, no cop would've found it.

    Primoz Brezec...He's the new goalie that the Flyers picked up, right?

  4. What un-Phaithful cop pulls over a couple of Eagles players during training camp and doesn't ask them for their autograph and send them on their way? So Parker had a little pot, what's the big deal? That jerk cop must have been a Cowgirls fan.