Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't Throw It Back!

It was a rough one in Section 202 yesterday, and the whole weekend for that matter. Yesterday was probably the hottest day ever and to make matters worse the Marlins beat the snot out of us. The Phillies left way too many men on base in the series, and with the exception of Heavy B they got terrible starts on the bump from Hamels and Moyer. Aside from the Phils getting swept I want to talk about another issue that has been bothering me for quite sometime. Why do Phillies fans feel the need to throw the ball back after the opposing team hits a homerun?

Why do we want to imitate a team that hasn't won anything in over a century. I hope that as real Phillies fans, all readers will pass this along to others. This is a tradition that the Cubs fans have started, and they are the only ones that should do it. Throwing the ball back is embarrassing and there is no need for it here in Philly. I mean most of the people that throw it back look ridiculous anyway cause they throw like girls, and barely reach the field. Lets leave that for the Cubs fans. In Philadelphia we only throw batteries and snow balls, and an occasional middle finger. Lets keep it that way. So I am asking all readers here at Dirty Wudders to pass this along to other fans so we can put an end to this. It is not our tradition. Thats like another team singing "High Hopes". How would you feel if you heard the Mets playing "High Hopes" everytime the Mets won. So whoever reads this make sure next time you catch a homerun ball or are sitting near someone who has caught one let them know not to throw it back. I think it starts here at Dirty Wudders, and hopefully one day this will all stop. Be proactive in this and educate the not so intelligent Phillies fans that we don't do that here.


  1. Do fans of the Norristown A's throw it back?

    I agree its weak. When did we start to do it? I feel like it started recently, during the CBP era.

  2. No way the Norristown A's fans would steal the ball cause most of them were criminals.

    Yea I think that it all started when Citizens Bank Park was built.

  3. This is one of the gayest traditions ever. From now on I'm booing someone who throws it back, not the other way around like those losers do now.

  4. Cuz on 610, 700level and others have been b*tching about this for years. It's a pretty bad "tradition". In order to get rid of this, a new tradition needs to be created.

    Any ideas?

  5. Throwing onions on the field would be sweet, but that's unrealistic.

  6. Throwing onions would be pretty sweet