Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Morning Rant

Since we obviously cannot get enough of this Vick talk..Here is an early weekend rant from friend of DirtyWudders, R.H.

I must say I was stunned when I heard they signed Vick. I'm sure everyone was. Totally took me off guard. Dogs on my street suddenly started howling, somehow sensing impending doom. But seriously, from a moral standpoint, I have no problem with them bringing him in. Obviously, what he did was horrific and unspeakable. But he paid his debt to society, much more than many people do for crimes and killings against humans (see: 36 different guys in the NFL and the University of Miami football team).
These people who are outraged and say they will never root for the Eagles again crack me up. Let's hold them to that and make sure they don't watch one minute of the Birds this year. Phonies. Some team was gonna sign him. They shouldn't watch sports period then, or movies for that matter (plenty of bad apples in Hollywood). I also love all these asswipes on talk radio around here that are outraged. God forbid there's a free-thinker that's not politically correct 24/7. I need to get satellite radio.

From a football standpoint, I don't know how much sense it makes. Not much, probably. I just like anything that will make McNabb squirm a little bit. It shouldn't, but it will. Funny how Reid had to make crystal clear during his press conference how Donavan was on-board with the move. Please. Insecurity like this doesn't grow on trees. It's a pretty low-risk move though. If he can't play, just cut him. I find it really hard to believe that Reid and Co. didn't bring Vick in for any kind of workout. And if that's true, shame on them. From what Reid said, he talked to Vick on the phone, he sounded sorry, and that was that. He said he did his "homework". What, did he interview Cell Block D or something? Obviously, they made sure they checked with animal rights groups and what not about this first. I think Reid referenced the "Humane Society" like 37 times last night. And when and why did Tony Dungy become Vick's spiritual mentor?? If he spent half as much time with his son......I'll stop myself before I go straight to hell. Maybe he should mentor his ex-player Marvin Harrison, last seen gun-running in North Philly.

Reid insisted that Vick was a quarterback. No way he's playing QB, not even backup QB. Even in his prime, he made McNabb look accurate. Who's Reid kidding, he's here strictly for gadget plays, which as we know, the Fat Man is a big fan of. Plus he can show us all how smart he is, as evidenced by his smug "I have some things in mind for him" statement (How bout taking a clock-management seminar rather than designing trick plays for a converted QB. Christ. Fat ass). I guess they'll use the wildcat more as well. Although the Eagles didn't seem to really utilize it much last year (and the few times they did it was wildly unsuccessful. DeShean Jackson throwing a pick in the end zone comes to mind). And I have no problem with them using Vick for these types of plays-- if he can still play. Let's face it, he'll probably only be involved in about 20 plays the whole season (unless they can teach him how to play left or right tackle).

I think Reid's new "second chance" philosophy definitely stems from his junkie sons. No way the Birds even considered a move like this 5 years ago. I also think that if the Pats didn't show interest in Vick, the Birds probably would've never looked at him. Reid yearns to be Bellichick.

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