Friday, August 14, 2009

More on Vick

This is crazy. I woke this morning and felt like I had dreamt the events from last night – it still doesn’t seem real. The Eagles signed Michael Vick… sounds weird, doesn’t it? It was a shocking, controversial and intriguing move the Eagles organization made last night, and I can’t help but think Andy Reid has more up his sleeve than he let on last night. During his press conference, Andy refused to tip his hand regarding what Vick’s role will be on the team, but smiled when a question was asked regarding the Wildcat. That’s the only explanation I can think of as to why the team would make this move. The Wildcat. This is also why I am fascinated by the move – I don’t love it, I don’t hate it, right now I’m just fascinated. Look, I have never been a fan of Michael Vick – never - I thought he was one of the worst QB’s in the league when he was with Atlanta. At the same time, however, he scared the hell out of me when he had the ball in his hands - when he left the pocket my heart would stop. Vick was, arguably, the most exciting player in the NFL in his time. His highlight reel looks like something out of a video game, it’s unreal. Let’s be honest, his traditional QB skills were nothing to write home about, Vick sitting in the pocket and picking apart defenses just didn’t happen. He’s no pocket passer. He’s no Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. He is hardly a QB in my opinion. What he is, however, is an unbelievable athlete with the ability to throw the ball. Vick, in my opinion, is now the most dangerous Wildcat QB in the NFL - he was made for the position.

I’m still in shock. The Eagles are the last team I would have expected to sign a player like Michael Vick. It’s a strange move, one with yet-to-be-determined consequences, but I’m excited to see what plays out. Whether you love the Vick move or hate it, there is one thing I can guarantee…this season just got very interesting.


  1. I do not like the move. Michael Vick is a piece of shit that should be selling crack on the streets of Atlanta with his brother Marcus.
    What does this signing say for the integrity of the Philadelphia Eagles organization?

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a scumbag for what he did, but I’m looking at this from strictly a football perspective. Controversy aside, I think he could be a dangerous weapon if he has the same ability he had a few years ago.

  3. But are they a year too late to catch on to the wildcat? Maybe it will stick but I think teams did it last year because D's didn't know how to defend it. Now after a year of it, D's may catch on.

    I'm not sure how an athlete without a position can help a team. You are kidding yourself if he is going to run between the tackles. Nobody knows if he can catch the ball. The guy is a fumble waiting to happen even when he runs.

    The only way I can see him used (other than Wildcat)is in a college style offense similar to how Penn State used Michael Robinson before his senior year. Put him in shotgun and have a run first/pass second mentality (which after I wrote this- realize is similar to the wildcat). It could work for a while until teams start using a spy. Derrick Burgess used to contain Vick himself while with the birds.

    Whatever - I think its Reid doing a favor for a friend (Dungy).I think Dungy advised him to come here to learn under McNabb and Reid and get in shape. Better to come here and get used to football then go to SanFran and get destoyed. McNabb and Reid will say some nice things about him and then either let him walk or trade him to Dallas or Oakland, where he belongs.

  4. I just feel like if he can run the Wildcat, that’s great. If he can’t, then he’ll sit the bench. He will never play QB for the Eagles. I don’t see any other reason for him being here than to run that formation. The question is how much has Vick lost in the last couple years? If he still has that speed he could be dangerous.

    The major concern I have is with the media circus that’s going to consume the Eagles. I hope it’s not too much of a distraction, especially for the young players.

    Is anyone else surprised that Reid said he didn’t work Vick out prior to signing? That seems a little crazy.

  5. I,m 57 and have been a diehard Eagles fan all my life. Michael Vick is a piece of shit. All men deserve a second chance but anyone who is crule to women, children, or animals is no man in my book. Maybe some day when the eagles have a new owner and Andy and Donovan long gone then I will once again become an
    Eagle fan. Until then, Go Redskins, Go Cowboys.

    Dan Benedict

  6. I'd like to see Michael Vick try to be cruel to the NardDog!

    This is complete bullshit that the Eagles would sign a murderer!

    I hope they are just f'in with him and they cut him after they see one workout.

  7. RamRod would F shit up if Vick tried to come at my boy NardDog!

  8. Prediction: On December 27th "Wepon X" is gonna spear that Motha F'er just like he did on January 12, 2003. Eagles Fans will go crazy.

  9. if they use him right he could be a dangerous weapon, but after sittin out 2 years with the street na's in jail he might be a waste.

    if he fails with the birds then all the dogs in philly better keep their head on a swival, because vick might be creepin on a comeup