Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I feel like this is the ninth time we have had this conversation this year, and the first four were no big deal. Now it is the ninth, and nothing has changed. I have about had it with Lidge, even when he does get the save he struggles. He blew his ninth save of the year last night against the Pirates. I mean he didn't even record an out in the 9th inning against a terrible Pirates team. Once again Mitch Williams brought up the fact that he is using his slider way too early in the count, and not relying on spotting his fastball to get ahead. He is 100% right about that, and I wish that Lidge would listen to someone. He needs to get his head on straight, or the Phils need to bring in someone that can close the door. Lidge is a mental midget out there right now. It looked like he gave up before the game was even over last night. After he gave up two base hits and that passed ball, he threw a pitch right down the middle to McCutchen for a walk off home run.

I mean its not time to panic, but it is time to be concerned. The Phils have a nice cushion in the NL East right now, but looking forward into the playoffs you want someone out there in the ninth that isn't going to let one bad play, or one blown call to effect the outcome of a crucial playoff game. Lidge needs to look at some video and stop feeling sorry for himself. Either get the job done or Chalie needs to find someone else who can. This is not Little League where someone's feelings may get hurt, these players are professionals that get paid a lot of money for what they do. Lidge needs to shape up or ship out. You cannot get by for what you have done in the past. You are only as good as your last appearance.


  1. What is your solution? If you were Chalie - what would you do?

  2. My solution would be to go out and get Qualls or Hoffman as a temporary solution and address the situation in the off season. Espn insider reported that Papelbon may be traded in the off season.

  3. I would take Qualls if the price isn't too high. I feel like both teams would ask a lot though. Hoffman would be nice to have but he is opposed to being a set-up guy and Chalie wouldn't promise him the closer role.

    Lidge isn't going anywhere. I can see some kind of committee taking some saves from him(on back to backs) but he will be in the mix for the rest of the year. Whether that is smart or not....

    In the off-season, I would tell Lidge to train as much as Hamels did last year. In other words - stay off your feet. Though common sense (and history) says that his head is the problem - I am holding out hope that his knee didn't completely heal and he will get better with extended time off...then again I get delusional when I go 48 hours without drinking. I promise to solve that problem tonight.

  4. I wouldnt mind seeing the PHils let Madsen pitch the 8th and 9th, if he rolls through the 8th. He didnt fair well as a closer earlier in the season, but maybe if he gets going in the 8th he won't feel as much pressure.

    With that said, I think they'll end up sticking with Lidge for the rest of the season. I think he's going to be their downfall in the postseason, but Charlie is a loyal SOB and Lidge is his boy.

  5. Madsen impressed me tonight. He blew the save but he came back and got throught it, pissed off. Maybe I am searching for positives but I think he can save games if needed.

    I was told of a stat tonight about Rivera and Papelbon never being allowed to pitch on 4 straight days. A lot of relievers can't do 3.

    I want to see Lidge again tomorrow or Friday.