Thursday, August 6, 2009

Philly Judge Upholds Murder Charges

A packed Philly court room saw a judge uphold murder charges on the three scumbags that murdered 23 year old David Sale at McFadden's a few weeks ago. The judge ruled that because the witnesses were all intoxicated that it was impossible to rule murder. One of the old men on trial had his "best friend" testify saying that he had pulled him off of the victim at the time of the fight. Now the guy who testified is fearing for his life. He was walking in his neighborhood the other day when a car came up behind him and said "You Rat, you are gonna get it". This is just unbelievable.

These three pieces of shit are probably gonna get some sort of probation and they will be back on the streets in no time. People like this should not be allowed on the street. This is why Philadelphia has such a high crime rate. These criminals are allowed to roam the streets and pretty much get away with anything. What Philadelphia needs to do is reopen the old Holmesburg prison to create more room for these criminals. For the one guy involved this is not the first time that he did this. He beat someone up out front of a bar three years ago that caused serious head damage to the victim. He ended up receiving probation and had to go to anger management classes. Philadelphia really needs to get a handle on this situation, and start putting people like this away for a long time.

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  1. Fuck these guys. I hope they get the max. sentence - whatever that may be.