Thursday, August 13, 2009

Phils @ Cubs 2:20pm

Cliff Lee (2-0, 1.12)takes the hill for the Phillies against Ryan Dempster (6-5 4.04)and the Cubbies. This is Lee's (9-9, 2.95)third start as a Phillie. The Phillies, haven’t swept a series at Wrigley since a four-game sweep June 14-17, 1984. At 34-19 the Phillies continue to have the best road record in baseball. Starting Lineups after the jump.

J. Rollins ss .246
S. Victorino cf .310
C. Utley 2b .296
R. Howard 1b .263
J. Werth rf .263
B. Francisco lf .261
P. Feliz 3b .284
P. Bako c .189
C. Lee P .333

R. Theriot ss .300
K. Fukudome cf .274
M. Bradley rf .267
D. Lee 1b .286
J. Fox 3b .298
A. Soriano lf .244
G. Soto c .220
J. Baker 2b .256
R. Dempster p .075

Updates are encouraged for those who can watch or follow.

Go Phils



  1. bases loaded 2 outs for dempster - 2nd inning 0-0

  2. Lee has 4 K's through 2 innings. 0-0

  3. 5-1 - Howard stole 2nd and scored on a bad bounce single

  4. 8 innings 1 run for Lee. 6-1 thru 8.

  5. Phils win. Lee is f'n nasty. That trade looks better and better each time he pitches.

  6. I have been following Fightens since 1964! Most exciting front office we have had in my time. Pat the G and Reuben have rebuit franchise inside and out. To acquire Lee without giving up kid Drabekand kid Happ---3 runs in 24 innings--are you kidding me?
    Only once before can I remember the Phils having a good minor league system--Schmidt, Bowa, Boone, Luzinski, etc--but I must say we are getting close--such a strong lineup--such a promising future! Gotta give the leadership their due--Phils look strong for years to come!!

    Joe Doc