Thursday, August 13, 2009


Quarterback Michael Vick has signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, his agent, Joel Segal, confirmed to Chris Mortensen broke into the Steelers/Cards game on ESPN to break the news.

I am not sure what to take of this signing. Is Kolb's injury more serious than they are letting on? Have the Eagles realized that Kolb was not ever going to be a good QB? Is Reid adding him for the Wildcat phenonenon? Does Vick have dirt on Reid's kids? Vick was a good playmaker back in his prime but has never been a particularly good QB. If this town has a problem with McNabb's accuracy - let me introduce you to Michael Vick. I don't know.

I had always put Vick into the same category of what I flush down the toilet a couple of times a day. We will see.

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  1. What a gutsy and creative acquisition by the Birds! I have long believed that Michael Vick would be back--shaking and baking-and tormenting the NFL! Mot a great qb--not a good qb--but a stud player who will keep defenses on their toes. Will take pressure off of Westbrook and new kid receivers. McNabb finally has another weapon. Andy Reid will be orgasmic--creating offenses with Mcnabb and Vick and Westbrook in lineup at same time.
    Give the guy a break--he did his time. All of these holier than thou dog lovers need to get a life! Eagle fans will embrace Vick---he will get us to the promise land! Think about the possibilities!!

    Joe Doc

  2. Gutsy and Creative? They're trying to get the lime light back from the Phillies. That's all this is.

    This is going to be a big deal for about 4-5 days and then he will disappear until November (after his suspension) and MAYBE dress 2-3 games this season.

    Vick is an athlete, but where do you put him? WR? No....RB? No...There's no "ATHLETE" position in NFL football. He doesn't (or shouldn't) have a roster spot on this team.

    He doesn't make sense on this team.

  3. Wait...Did you say Vick will get us to the promised land?

    Really?? Do you really mean that? You're relying on Vick to win a Super Bowl? Really??

  4. Chill out-I'm relying on Vick as another strong piece of puzzle to keep defenses wondering. I couldn't care less where he lines up--nor should you if you stop being full of yourself--he is a threat--at one time--the most dangerous threat in NFL! Now--it won't happen overnight--but in the NFL--you need an edge--you need an option--you need to keep Belichek and others wondering. I'm not a huge Andy Reid fan--but the guy is smart and finally--he has taken a chance on a character issue guy. I think it's a smart chance--and--in my estimation--I think it gives them a better shot at being a Final two team! Maybe you are right--I will admit if I am wrong--but last season I predicted Vick would be signed by another team before start of season and would be out there creating chaos.I am glad that the Gold standard label Lurie brags about did not let it get in the way of aniamal lovers!

  5. Good job, backing off of the "promised land" comment. You had me wondering.

  6. I stopped reading after the phrase "Andy Reid will be orgasmic"...

  7. Its basically a 1 yr deal to get him in shape for a different team next year.

    Non factor this year.

  8. Vick was the one damn QB the Eagles could actually beat in the NFC Championship.

  9. Orgasmic! I am pretty impressed that Joe Doc used that term to describe Andy Reid's next steps. Absoultely genius! But I would even go further and describe it as euphoric! Come on this is just what the Eagles need. Let's stir up the pot a little bit.

    I don't think they plan on using Vick as a QB. That would be a complete waste. Vick can serve as a Cordell Stewart type option. Think about how much that would spread our offense. He would come in at wide out one play, running back , slot back , then half back pass option. Opposition's heads would be spinning every time he came on the field. Orgasmic Euphoria!


  10. P.S. I just took a DEUCE the size of Vick's dome!

  11. I hope Dawk has enough in his tank to snap him in half come December.

    hungryformore just wants him on his madden team so he can use him that way, as he's getting his ass kicked.

    I wonder if Iverson would be interested in signing for cheap with the Sixers now that his boy is here. Showntell can see the dollar $$igns.

  12. Spider Rico wrote: They're trying to get the lime light back from the Phillies. That's all this is.

    I agree. Next logical step, "Dollar Dog Days" at the Linc.

  13. Dollar Dogs! If there is one good thing to come out of this, that is it.