Monday, August 17, 2009


The top two picks in this year's amateur draft have until 12:01am to sign with the teams that drafted them. Stephen Strasburg, the guy that everyone is talking about is the pitcher that throws over 100 mph. Strasburg reportedly has turned down a record 17 million dollar deal by the Nationals with 5 million in "very attainable" incentives. Dustin Ackley who is the infielder/outfielder from UNC was the second overall pick by the Mariners. He is also holding out, and both sides have not come to an agreement yet. Oh and by the way can you guess who both of these players agent is? I will give you a hint, it rhymes with sore ass.

Can you say J.D. Drew? I wonder what the Nats fans will throw at him when he doesn't sign. This is a guy that throws really hard, and has a lot of upside. He also has to keep in mind that he is a pitcher. He still has eligibility at San Diego State, so he can go back to school and re-enter the draft next year. If he decides to go back to school, he will risk the possibility of injury and really screw himself. He needs to sign the contract and move on. He will eventually get paid down the line. This is the big leagues you will get paid if you prove yourself. Sign the contract and play baseball. 17 million guaranteed is more than enough for a 22 year old. If anything Ackley has a little more leverage in his situation due to the fact that he is a position player. His injury risk not nearly as great as Strasburg's. Both players should sign with their respective teams. I mean both Strasburg and Ackley have the chance to be franchise changing players. Why do you want to give yourself a bad reputation before you even play?


  1. Is this guy going to play for the St. Paul Saints too? When will everyone realize that Boras is ruining the game?

    I hope these guys don't sign and it ruins not only their careers but stops people from going to Boras (I know that's harsh and unlikely, but this is rediculous). Was he really asking for $50M?

  2. Boras is a complete fool. Just about the only intelligent thing A-Rod ever did in his career was fire this idiot.

    The highest amount of money that a player out of the draft has ever made was Mark Prior and that was 10 million guaranteed. He is getting 17 million guaranteed. I agree Spider I hope that Boras screws this up bad.

    I like what the Rays did with their first round pick. They said here is what we are giving you take it or leave it, and the player didn't take it. The Rays have since shut down all talks of signing this guy.

  3. Sore ass is classic.

    Did Ackley sign? I don't think college "hitters" have a leg to stand on since they have to go and adjust to wodden bats in the minors.

  4. Don't be silly. Everyone knows the Nats don't have fans.

  5. Very true. They should move back to Montreal. Signing draft picks is a step in the right direction though.

    This is too much nats talk, ill stop...