Friday, August 28, 2009

Thanks Cleveland!

PhillyPhaithful has a great new T-Shirt.

"Uh oh. Look who's got a new horse atop the rotation to go with Cole.

Rube and the braintrust scoured the league for an ace. Enter the Tribe, selling off pieces faster than a Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn fastball. Chief Wahoo has bills to pay, kids to feed. Rumor has it they even had to cancel Roger Dorn Appreciation Night. What a shame."

Great stuff by Philly Phaithful. Cleveland blog has a response. "As Cliff Lee continues to dominate every team that crosses his path, Philadelphia fans are loving every second of it. At least they’re kind enough to thank us, you know?" I’m still waiting for our cards from Milwaukee, LA and Boston. I long for the day we get to make a shirt thanking another city for helping us win a championship. Though a Roger Dorn appreciation night doesn’t sound half bad…"

Can you imagine how they will feel if Cliff Lee starts in Game 1 of the World Series against C.C. Sabathia? Dirty Wudders agrees with Philly Phaithful...Thank You Cleveland!


  1. Good stuff.

    Is anyone else giddy for the Phils to face Vincente Padilla in the NLCS? Manuel should drink a bottle of tequila during the game just to taunt him.

  2. HAHAHA the comment about Padilla/Manuel is great....

    Amaro should be GM of the Year (either him or guy in St Louis)....but I give the edge to Rube....for the moves he did make and for the moves he didnt make...

    Ibanez- I know he has struggled lately, but without his first half we are not in the position we are now...

    Park- bad as a starter but very serviceable out of the pen

    Lee- great deal, kept almost every top flight prospect *they were high on Knapp but he is @ very low A....Phils could have several deep runs before he throws in majors....
    Even if Lee bolts for FA after next yr, we get two picks and Lee will pitch with a chip on his shoulder until FA....
    Not to mention in Francisco you got a guy who is RH and may be able to hit a long ball from that side late in the game (as he is proven)

    Happ- keeping a ROY candidate, top 5 ERA guy and getting an ace in return....

    The cards made great moves, Lugo, Holliday, derosa.... they also lost a TOP rated prospect... We didnt... and we added... I admire STL for going after it now, prospects are never sure things.... (right Jeff Jackson, Pat Combs, and Tyler Green?)

    One more thing, does Jaime Moyer do a rain dance every day Pedro startS? Our number five pitcher MOYTINEZ looks pretty good....Despite the hiccup in Pitt, this team is still very strong...Go get em Tonight CLIFF