Friday, August 28, 2009

Thoughts on Vick's Debut

I have to admit, I was pretty pumped to see Michael Vick take a few snaps last night, his first appearance in over two years and his first as an Eagle.  My initial reaction after watching him take a few snaps: a shoulder shrug.  I understand he was only in the game for six plays, but I heard some dopes on the radio talking about a possible QB controversy brewing after that performance.  Give me a break. This is 5’s team, no questions asked.  A 4-4, 19 yd performance in the preseason does not merit consideration for a starting QB spot on a Super Bowl contender. It might get you the 4th quarter of the 4th preseason game, but that’s about it. 

I was not a fan of Andy Reid’s use of Vick last night.  I understand he doesn’t want to show too much in the preseason, but why mess with McNabb’s flow in his final tune-up before the regular season.  This was the first-team’s last chance to play a real game together before the September 13th opener, and Reid basically turned the 1st quarter into a circus.  I would have preferred to see Vick come into the game later and take consecutive snaps with the second or third team, mixing in a few designed runs to test his legs.  There was no need for the QB rotation BS we saw in the first quarter, it did nothing to help the team heading into the regular season.  I hope that’s not what we can expect when Vick is reinstated full-time, and from what we heard from Donovan after the game, I’d say he hopes not too.



  1. Vick's going to be a trick play prop. I'm not too worried about the flow of the offense. To be honest it never looks all that great when #36 isn't in there. The Oline looks scary bad right now. Jason Peters = Antone Davis at this point. Shawn Andrews = Michael Phelps

    Assuming Vick is on the team. Would you rather Kolb or Feeley as the other QB?

  2. I would cut Kolb just because every time I see him on the sidelines i just get angry.

  3. McNabb cracks me up. He tells anyone that would listen how hard he "campaigned" to get Vick here (how nice of him), and insisted he would not be threatened by him. Then, in the FIRST QUARTER OF VICK'S FIRST PRESEASON GAME, he complains when Vick is playing too much. Flow of the offense my ass, it's just Donny Boy's insecurity flaring up again.
    McNabb can't make that throw Kolb made last night. If he can, I need my memory refreshed when it was. Playing against 3rd stingers yes, but also playing with them.
    Peters is the black Ron Solt.

    Did anyone hearHugh Douglass last night? He didn't know that that obvious lateral pass to McCoy was a live ball and a fumble. He actually said, "I think that ball hit the ground." Even after Herm Edwards (the blind leading the blind) told him what we all knew, Douglas still seemed befuddled. I guess Mike Quick's job is safe.

  4. If Brady did it - they would be saying - "Wow what a leader. He knows that getting the timing down is more important than than some gimmick."

    When McNabb does it - wow look at the insecurity.

    Doug Peteresen can make the throw Kolb made.

  5. Pederson maybe, McNabb no.

    Brady probably doesn't need preseason to get the timing down. But wait, McNabb wholeheartedly endorsed the gimmick, or so we thought. Done-avan wants to be looked at as Vick's best friend and mentor, yet he doesn't want him taking snaps away from him. Well, you can't have it both ways pal.

  6. Brady blamed his injury last year on not playing in the preseason. He said preseason is extra important for QBs.

    The gimmick can be worked on in the next game where the starters don't play and in practice.

    We have Mike Vick without the explosiveness. Wasn't that all he had?

    The money would have been better spent on a linebacker. Isn't Derrick Brooks available?

  7. Let's stop with the Brady and McNabb in the same sentences.

    Right, "The Gimmick" can be worked on next game. But Reid would've been bashed for not playing him the first game he was available. Also, McNabb better get used to this. I guess better he piss and moan in a preseason game than when it counts.
    T.O., Garcia, the Kolb drafting, Vick.....I see a trend here.

    But I agree with you Mike--and I've said this from the get-go-- The Vick move, from a football standpoint, makes absolutely no sense at all. What has it gotten the Birds at this point? Some fans (granted, idiots) that have turned their back on the team forever, and an unhappy starting QB.