Monday, August 3, 2009

Top 5 DT's

Here is the 6th installments of Ray Didinger's Top 5's. click here for the first 5.

1. Jerome Brown (1987-91) – Jerome had his best season in 1991, when he led all NFL tackles in solo stops (88) and quarterback sacks (nine). He made the Pro Bowl for the second time that year and was widely acknowledged as the most formidable run stuffer in the game.

Bill Parcells said the 6-2, 300-pound Brown was the most disruptive player on the Eagles defense. That’s high praise from a notoriously tough critic.

2. Charlie Johnson (1977-81) – It was a tough call, deciding between Brown and Johnson for the top spot. Johnson was the more consistent of the two and he played a vital role as the nose tackle in the Eagles 3-4 defense. He occupied two blockers on every play, which allowed inside linebackers Bill Bergey and Frank LeMaster to flow to the ball.

3. Floyd Peters (1964-69) – The Eagles were a losing team for most of the decade, but Peters was respected by the players around the league. He was twice voted into the Pro Bowl and he earned Most Valuable Player honors in the 1967 game, a rare feat for a defensive tackle. Peters later went into coaching and become one of the NFL’s most respected defensive coordinators

4. Vic Sears (1941-53) – Sears played 13 seasons for the Eagles, and since he played both ways at tackle for most of his 131 regular season games, it is believed he logged more actual minutes on the field than any other player in franchise history.

5. Andy Harmon (1991-97) – Harmon has the most sacks of any defensive tackle in team history (40) and he really worked to make himself into a productive player. He was originally drafted as a defensive end, a sixth-round pick from Kent State who looked like a long shot to make the team, given the veteran talent (notably Reggie White and Clyde Simmons) already in place.

Harmon’s best season was 1993, when despite playing with a pulled hamstring and a sore Achilles tendon, he recorded 11 and a half sacks, breaking Brown’s club record for sacks by a defensive tackle.

Again Dirty Wudders cannot comment on 3 of the 5 players on this list and is starting to think Ray Didinger is a show off.

Here is the Top 5 of DirtyWudders' lifetime:

1. Jerome
2. Andy Harmon - From what I remember, #91 was always hurt but played through. 38.5 sacks in a 4 year stretch is pretty amazing for a DT.
3. Corey Simon -'03 Pro Bowler was a bit overrated but had a couple of decent seasons.
4. Hollis Thomas - Perfect situational fat guy to clog the holes.
5. Mike Patterson - run stuffing tackle, enters his 4th year as starter for the Eagles.


  1. Patterson needs be higher than Hollis Thomas. Hollis was horrible!

    What about Golic? I was probably the weak link on that early 90s defense, but he was still pretty good for a bunch of years.

  2. Golic might be an oversight.

    Patterson and/or Bunkley may eventually surpass Hollis. I just liked the big turd

  3. Where is Mamula on that list?

  4. Hollis belongs on the list if just for pancaking Michael Vick at the goal line in the NFC Championship Game. Him and Dawk had two of the most legendary hits of the decade in that game.

  5. Section...Mamaula was a DE. I think Spider Rico has that same exact quote too, on the DE list..

  6. Yeah, maybe Golic. Mostly a backup though. Really, Reggie should probably be 1 or 2 just for the times he lined up there, which was alot. Unblockable.
    No Mike Pitts? Hollis Thomas was horrific!!! Corey Simon was a borderline bust and Patterson is pedestrian and Bunkley better get his shit together. Alright, so I'm in a bad mood...

  7. Patterson and Bunkley have been overrated to this point but they helped shut down Jacobs in the playoffs last year on a couple of 3rd or 4th and 1's.

    Should Pitts make the list? He made the DirtyWudders website picture.

    RH is always easier on the older players.