Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Luck, Intern

A Billboard above Linebacker Inn is causing a stir in South Bend and indicates that Notre Dame's performance the last couple of years is not acceptable to all of the Irish faithful.

The billboard reads, “Best wishes to Charlie Weis in the 5th year of his college coaching internship. — Linebacker Alumni."

Weis has a 29-21 record, a .580 winning percentage that puts him behind Tyrone Willingham at 21-15 (.583) and Bob Davie at 35-25 (.583). Weis led the Irish to two BCS appearances in his first two years but that was with (mostly)Ty Willinghams players, such as Brady Quinn and Jeff Samardzijia. The 15 losses in the last two years are the most in any two year stretch in the 120 year Notre Dame Football History. The recruits are still coming to South Bend but better results are expected.


  1. I'm always going to be a Notre Dame fan, but every season that goes by with Charlie Weis as head coach makes me more and more nauseous. He gets the best recruiting classes each year and can't put together a winning record with a schedule that has no conference restrictions!

    Notre Dame is going to win 9-10 games this season (purely by accident due to schedule) but baring a BCS invite (and positive showing) he should be gone after this season.

    Head Coaches are supposed to be arrogant, especially in football, but this guy (cheater?) makes me sick!

    Now that I got that rant out of the way...


    My ND Prediction (if any of you PSU fans care)

    vs. Nevada - W
    at Michigan - W
    vs. Michigan State - L
    at Purdue - W
    vs. Washington - W
    vs. USC - L
    vs. Boston College - W
    vs. Washington State - W
    vs. Navy - W
    at Pittsburgh - L
    vs. Connecticut - W
    at Stanford - W


  2. I think with the talent they have and the schedule there is no excuse not to have a 9 win season. if they struggle then weis is definitely gone but if they win he stays. winning is the name of the game and ND has to start winning now!

    I hoping for them to return to being a top tier team, because whether you hate them or love them football is that much better when they are a topic of disscussion