Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Myers Closes the Door for the 'Pigs

Brett Myers retired the Pawtucket Red Sox 1-2-3 Tuesday night in his fifth rehab appearance since his surgery. Myers recorded K's for the final 2 outs after retiring Sox prospect Chris Carter on a pop up. Carter was to be the guy involved in the Billy Wagner trade until the Yankees blocked it. He still may go to the Mets but it will not be until after the season.

Myers is scheduled to pitch again tonight. It would be nice to get him back as another option in the 'pen.


  1. Is Myers pitching in the 9th inning a coincedence? Are they throwing him in the 9th cause thats where he will be pitching when he comes up?

  2. I'm sure they want him to be a backup plan.

  3. It can't hurt to have him as a second option, plus it gives the phillies great bullpen depth for the postseason