Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Magic Number at Three...Still

The Phillies finished last night’s game with just four hits on the night , their only runs coming from a Chase Utley sacrifice fly in the first and a balk in the sixth that allowed Shane Victorino to walk home. Cole Hamels left the game with a 4-2 deficit, two outs and two on in the seventh, then watched the bullpen work their magic - Tyler Walker allowed a two-run double to Carlos Lee and Clay Condrey gave up a two-run single to Kaz Matsui. 8-2 Astros.

With the 8-2 loss to the lowly Astros last night, the Phils magic number remains at three and the Braves are now four games back with six to play. All the Phils have to do is win half of their remaining games - that’s all - play .500 ball and they’re in. The Braves have been on a tear, winning 15 of 17 and closing the Rockies wild card lead to only two games, but I have to believe they’ll lose at least one more game to the Marlins or Nats, by accident if nothing else. So realistically the Phils could wrap this thing up with only two wins, how about tonight and tomorrow? Forget ’64, forget the Mets of last season, that’s not this team - just get it done and get rested for the postseason. This is getting pathetic.


  1. The Phillies better wrap this up! With all the shit I have been talking down here against Braves fans, I'll never hear the end of it.

  2. Happ wil shut 'em down tonight. I'll be there in the HOF club - free tix, given to me. The Rocks should be worried though. If Atlanta beats out Colorado - the Phils would play St Louis, right? As long as they don't play Houston, I'll be happy.

    15 of 17 is amazing - I think the 2 losses were against the Phils too.

  3. The Braves have won 15 of their last 17 and their only two losses came from the Phils. Its a good thing that they pulled those two out because it could be a lot worse. Right now is not panic time, but it is definitely time to be concerned. The Phils need to just grind this out and hopefully win these next three so Rollins, Utley, and Howard can get some rest so they can charge their battery for the playoffs.

    I still think the Rockies hold on to the wild card. Atlanta is hot right now, but they eventually have to come back down to Earth. If Atlanta took the wild card it would all depend on what St. Louis, Phillies, and Dodgers all do. It seems like all three division leaders are struggling right now. The Dodgers are getting beat up by the Pirates and the Phils cant beat the Astros, so it will all come down to who ends up with the best record.

  4. On a side note.... Flyers reg season starts this Friday...thoughts?