Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birds Sign Trotter

The Eagles confirmed signing the former Pro Bowl middle linebacker to a one-year deal at the league minimum. To make room for Trotter on their 53-man roster, the Eagles have released quarterback Jeff Garcia. No word on how 610 WIP will replace Trotter. No truth to the rumor, that Mark Simoneau worked out for the station.

Last week, I did not think this was actually going to happen. I guess Trotter will provide depth behind Gaithier at MLB. I was a big fan of his while he was here but cannot imagine he has much left. If he can help out against the run, that would be great but I will have to see it before I believe it.


  1. I actually preferred Trotter over Ike Reese and Douglas. But that's kind of like preferring Curly over Moe and Larry.
    I hear Willie T's cell phone is blowing up.

    What? No post on Penn State's big national TV revenge win over Iow.......oooh, that's right. Ouch. Getting fat on Cupcake Community College doesn't prepare you for anything.

  2. I'm actually pumped for this...now I won't feel like a jerk off wearing my No.54 jersey.

    @RH: No comeback for the PSU dig...they are fraudulent.

  3. RH- great comment on PSU game....I guess they were slowed down by the cupcakes they were eating in weeks 1-3....as for trotter, I think they will use him vs the run and on special teams. Plus his leadership could be a plus with dawkins/bradley out. he knows the system.

  4. Guy's it had nothing to do with the cupcakes that they played. It just turns out that they were a pretty bad team. I had been afraid of that - though I thought for sure they would have handled Iowa.

    They were #5 because of last years team. It doesn't work that way in college football. Honestly - the only reason they are still ranked is because of last years team and maybe their name.