Monday, September 7, 2009

Not a Good Weekend for the WFC's

Hunter Pence homered and drove in three runs Monday in the Astros' 4-3 win over the Phils, capping off 6 for 13 performance in the series including three homers and eight RBI's. Chan Ho Park took the loss for the Phils after walking Michael Bourn with the bases loaded in the 7th inning, squandering a three-hit, two-run gem pitched by Jamie Moyer. The old man was a last-minute substitution after J.A. Happ was unable to pitch due to an oblique strain. Ryan Howard and Raul Ibanez both homered in the losing effort.

The Phils did everything possible to prevent themselves from winning over the weekend, but the low point of the series had to be Brad Lidge's continued sucking. The Phils' bats finally came to life Saturday night, and their trusted closer did what he seems to do best this season - suck. Brett Myers has looked decent in his first couple of outings, and it might be time for Charlie to take a look at bailing on "Lights Out". How many more games does Lidge need to blow before Charlie swallows his pride and does something about the situation? It's beyond ridiculous at this point. Loyalty to your players is a great trait for a manager to possess, but loyalty at the expense of success is just stupidity.

Luckily the Phils have a comfortable cushion in the NL East. They head into series' with the Nationals and Mets this week up 6 games on the Marlins.

P.S. Google Hunter Pence's girlfriend - you will not be disappointed.


  1. Moyer stepped up again. The bats are struggling right now. Hopefully the Nats will cure them.

    When Lidge comes in to the game - there should always be another pitcher ready in case there is a baserunner. If he walks a guy - he should be pulled.

  2. Brad Lidge stinks. At this point I dont care who the closer is, as long as it is not Lidge. How many more chances are you going to give this guy? He has blown 11 saves. Imagine how comfortable of a lead the Phils would have if he had converted on even half of them.

    The offense will come around. I am glad that they went into a funk now, and not a month from now. I hope the Nats will break them out this week. Ibanez has to break out at some point, and hopefully yesterday's home run is the first step.