Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The Cubs handed the Pirates their 82nd loss of the season making it official. This wonderful franchise has not had a winning season since 1992. I know that the Steelers and Penguins have had success since then, but to not be above .500 in 17 years is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations are in order to the Pirates. They have not had a winning season since my favorite player was Buddy Bell, and I met Doc for the first time while he was having a catch with himself by throwing a tennis ball against the curb. Last time they had a winning season I stuffed Doc on the goaline in an epic battle of a Colts vs. Patriots game in Madden '92 on sega. Also, that was the year that I kicked the ball out of Doc's hands in an intramural soccer game while he was the goalie. My team the Flames ended up winning on that goal. He still has not forgiven me for that one. Sorry Doc. They have not had a winning season since Barry Bonds and Bobby Bonillia played at Three Rivers Stadium, and Bill Clinton was president.

I know that it is hard to put together a winning franchise on a yearly basis, but not one year have they broken .500. Come on, the owners have to sit down and re-evaluate what direction this franchise is headed in. Maybe instead of trading their guys every time they develop into good players, try to hang on to them. Use them as a building block to try to put together a winning team. I mean I am no GM, but I think that I can do a better job than those bums in the front office. How could you be a Pirates fan? One thing I want to know is why are they called the Bucs? Bucs and Pirates have no relation at all. Pirates fans out there can you please answer this question?


  1. 1st - Bucs (or Buccaneers.) and Pirates are same thing. That's what Bucs stands for.

    2nd - In October of 1992, George Bush Sr. was still President, not Clinton.

    3rd - Is this a callout to the non-existant Pirates fans (one of the reasons they suck) or an ode to Doc?

  2. Clinton was about to move into office.

    Thanks for clearing that up Spider.

    Its not an ode to Doc I was trying to portray how long it has been since the Pirates won.

  3. I'm full of useless information...

    Pirates will always be the AAAA Farm club for the New York Yankees.

  4. You could add that the last time the Pirates had a winning season, the Phillies #1 pitching prospect's Dad was their ace.

  5. I can't say about the past but I don't think the trades this year were that bad. Jack Wilson was not going to win you a championship any time soon. There are 25 Adam LaRoche's in baseball. Freddy Sanchez is a good singles hitter who was flipped for a top pitching prospect. Nate McLouth was a productive player but was blocking McCutcheon from the big leagues. Those trades can help replenish a farm system and lets face it, those guys were replacable.

    But yeah a bad team for a long time.

    Section also wonders why the Eagles are sometimes called the birds.

  6. So McLouth or McCutcheon couldn't play right? I mean personally I dont care about this terrible franchise, but I wouldn't be suprised if McCutcheon gets moved for nothing. With all of these trades they didn't come away with one good player.

    Sometimes I wonder why the Marlins are called the Fish too. I mean is a Marlin a fish?

  7. Could he have? Yeah. And that would have helped them lose 87 games instead of 90. They flipped him and his .260 average for one of the Braves top prospects and two pitchers.

    They got some decent value for those aging veterans.

  8. Ok wekk how many years is it going to take for them to win at least 82 games? Every year they get top draft picks and then they eventually trade them away. What they are doing is drafting players and then trading them down the line for more prospects. I think that its time to try something new. This strategy is clearly not working.

  9. They have new management in place and they have re-established their minor league system in the past 2 years. They are trying something new...