Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Red October

A "must read" article by Jerry Crasnick on espn.com today, kind of gives a different spin on Philadelphia fans - from a national perspective. We will never lose the reputation of "targeting opponents", "crushing spirits", Michael Irvin and Santa Claus but rarely does a national story go into how we provide incentive for the "home boys".

Jayson Werth recalled a story from last October during the World Series, about how an infielder on the Rays came up to him and asked if he liked playing here.

"He was so distraught in the middle of the game about the people in this town, and I knew then that we had them. They were so rattled, because they didn't feel like they could even walk down the street. They were uncomfortable just being in Philadelphia. Look at Evan Longoria -- he didn't get a hit the whole World Series. [Longoria actually went 1-for-20.] I'm not saying it's because of what the fans did. But I'm not saying it wasn't, either."

That is great stuff. (also goes into some interesting stuff about Werth)

Not that it is needed but Werth also sent out a little reminder to us to make sure the fans bring their "A" game this October.

"I don't want to say they've gone soft after winning it, because I don't think they have," Werth says. "But they might have to be reminded. I don't want them to change. I want them to stay hungry and be the same fans who helped us win it last year."

Good job gentleman, talk about a home field advantage, 7-0 in the playoffs last year. Get those lungs (and mustard packets) ready for October!

Hit tip to friend of DW Scott Pinchak for the link, RED OCTOBER 2!


  1. I wouldn't change the Philadelphia fans reputation for anything. Whether opposing fans (or players) have good reason to be scared or not, it sure gives us a great home field advantage.

    Go Phils!

  2. I can't think of any other city that has these types of articles appear consistently in the news. Other teams players are actually scared to walk our streets. Yet, those who play here, work hard, and get our mentality, are always appreciated for life. See: Williams, Mitch; Reese, Ike; Trotter, Jeremiah; etc.

    Here's to you, the Philadelphia fan!!