Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NFC East Power Rankings: Week 2

Why just the NFC East Power Rankings? Because screw the rest of the NFL, that’s why.  Here we go…

1.       Giants (2-0): Arguably the best team in football right now, the Giants opened up the season against two NFC opponents and came out victorious both times. Granted, Tony Romo had a lot to do with the Giants win in Dallas last week, but their win against Washington wasn’t as close as the 24-17 score indicated.  Their young receivers looked veteran-like in Dallas - here’s hoping that doesn’t continue.  F the Giants. Next Week: @ Tampa

2.       (Tie) Cowboys (1-1): Dallas opened up their new stadium with a loss to the Giants this past week.  The game was highlighted by a three-interception stinker by Golden Boy Tony Romo, the best QB in the NFL to never accomplish a goddamn thing.  They did manage to score 31 points in the effort, but if the pride of Eastern Illinois doesn’t get his shit together they’re not going anywhere this year.  Their defense sucks right now, too.  F Dallas. Next week: vs. Carolina.   

2.   (Tie) Eagles (1-1): Last week sucked. The defense and special teams were terrible, the offense was ok.  Things will be fine     offensively once McNabb returns, but the D cannot play that poorly if the team wants to compete this season. God forbid they don’t win this week at home against KC. Go Birds.   Next week: vs. Kansas City.

3.   Redskins (1-1): As previously mentioned, the Redskins 24-17 loss to the Giant in Week 1 may not look bad on paper, but let’s be honest, they got their asses handed to them. The sucktitude of this team was evident last week in their 9-7 win (if that’s what you want to call it) against the Rams. What’s the opposite of a moral victory? Whatever it is, that’s what the Skins pulled off last week.  To only defeat one of the worst teams in the NFL by 2 points, at home…you suck.  F the Redskins. Next Week: @ Detroit.




  1. the rest of the NFL can blow me

  2. Eli looked good on Monday night. I feel like a better secondary can shut down those gint receivers though.

    I hope I am just overreacting but...I'm kind of getting an '05 Eagles feeling about this team- Shawn Andrews banishment compared to '05 Owens. McNabb's rib as opposed to his '05 sports hernia. Kevin Kolb as opposed to '05 Mike McMahon. If Westbrook goes down it could be Mccoy opposed to '05 Moats. God, I hope I am wrong.

    They looked great 1 game and pathetic 1 game. Hopefully they can get to 2-1 this week and then get healthy after the bye.

  3. Giants have their flaws. Cowboys running game gashed the g men's defense. Giants running game looked pathetic on Monday night also. The rest of the East will learn alot from watching the MNF game tape.

  4. I did not realize that the Eagles are playing Penn State's non-conference schedule this year. K.C. Oakland and Tampa, next three games. The Eagles always throw up a terrible game against an AFC opponent but if they can get through this stretch at 4-1, they are in good shape. somebody also will have to remind McNabb that Ronde Barber is not an Eagle. He always seems to forget that.

    I gets alot tougher after that but maybe playing Akron, Temple and Syracuse can help them improve. as the season progresses.

  5. I agree about the Giants flaws. Thay are as beatable as they were last year. Eli looks improved so far but the loss of Ward hurts them. I have always thought Brandon Jacobs to be a short yardage guy. I just hate Mario Manningham for catching the game winning pass against Penn State with negative 3 seconds left. Lloyd Carr talked the officials into a couple extra seconds.

    They still may be the class of the NFC East right now but I believe they are very beatable.