Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update on Caster Semenya

While the gender specialists are trying to figure out if Caster Semenya has a bird or not, this past week has been very different for South Africa's track star. Recently her coach quit because he never told Semenya that she was taking gender tests. Instead he told he/she that they were doping tests. I mean how oblivious can you be? When the doctor says "Let me see your bird" do you think that the doctor wants to know if you are doping? She also recently appeared on the cover of South Africa's "You" magazine dressed in a black dress, painted fingernails, and a woman's hairdo. Critics are saying that this was the first time ever that she actually looks like a woman. Semenya told BBC:

"I like to dress up more often and wear dresses but I never get the chance".

Yahoo sports is reporting that critics are not so sure that this is what he/she wants. This could be a front to try to throw off critics, and if it is then this would look real bad. Yahoo sports writes "After the controversy broke, she kept her cornrows, wore baggy clothes, and pounded her chest in victory like a college football cornerback". I mean that says it all right there. I cannot think of any female that pounds their chest, that's as rare as a female farting in another female's face.

For Caster's sake I hope that in fact she does test positive for being a woman. This must be such a humiliating time for this person, especially if it turns out to be a man. So stay tuned and dirty wudders will keep you updated.


  1. What the hell do they need a gender test for to determine if Caster owns a bird or not?

  2. God Damn... check out those man hands. Maybe she should embrace her masculine side like Lady Gaga.

  3. Is it me, or does this dude Caster look exactly like Shannon Sharpe? He could definitely play TE in the NFL.

    The only chicks that pound their chest are named Amy and reside in the Philadelphia Zoo.

  4. That he/she is a beast and she will dominate the the shit out of your ass.

  5. She's a Hermaphrodite. She has internal testes...

  6. Wow, great call on Shannon Sharpe. Now all this shim needs to do is start butchering the English language and overlaughing and she/he will have a spot on a NFL pregame show.