Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who's the Closer?

Following last night’s failed attempt from Brad Lidge to blow another save for the Phillies, fans have to be wondering about the state of the closer position moving forward. Who is the closer? Is it Lidge? Is it Madsen? Is it a combination of the two? One thing is for sure, after last night’s game it’s anyone’s guess.

Speaking of last night’s game, I found it interesting that Brett Myers pitched through the 8th inning after getting the final out in the 7th, almost as if Chollie was prepared for a situation in which Madsen would have to relieve Lidge. It was evident almost immediately where the game was headed with Lidge on the mound, and thank God Madsen was there to save the day, there was NO WAY Lidge was working out of that situation. Will this be the new format going forward, Myers filling the role of setup man while Madsen waits in the wings for Lidge’s nightly meltdown? That doesn’t seem very logical. It doesn’t seem very fair to Madsen either. Why even risk sending Lidge out in a tight game? I would like to think Chollie has seen the light at this point, and I would love to see him declare Madsen the team’s closer for the remainder of the season - Lidge had his chance and he blew it, and blew it, and blew it again. He’s done.

One thing I was relieved to see last night was the fact that Chollie seemed to have finally acknowledged that a problem existed. He’s been playing the role of blind man all year, and now in the final weeks of the season has regained his sight, albeit begrudgingly. It took a while Phils fans, but it looks like there may be some changes taking place in the back end of the bullpen. It’s about time.


  1. It seems these "old school" coaches always deem it necessary to be loyal to a fault. I respect that but at some point enough is enough. Meanwhile everyone but them can see, especially in the case of Lidge that for whatever reason he just doesn't have it. The closer position poses the biggest liability going into the playoffs. Chollie needs to realize the magnitude of the situation and resolve it now.

  2. I think Chalie has played it pretty well. What were his other choices earlier in the season? Madsen almost has as many blown saves as Lidge. It wasn't neccasary to make a rash decision earlier in the season when there was no real threat in the NL East. It was more important to see if Lidge could work thru his issues because we have all seen how good he can be when he is on.

    But...Now it is September and Chalie has another weapon at his disposal in Myers. Madsen deserves some more chances. Myers may earn some chances if he keeps pitching well and Lidge has shown he can get the job done when the moon is just right and its not too hot and not too cold and he has no chronic knee/head issues or blisters.

  3. It is a scary thought not having a legitimate closer going into the playoffs when it is the most important.

    I hope the offense gets in gear for the postseason so we don't have to find out who's coming in to close