Tuesday, October 27, 2009

'09-'10 Preview: Pacific

Pacific: The Lakers will run away with this division, with maybe only the Suns also finishing over .500. The Clippers, Warriors and Kings and bad, worse and terrible.

1. Lakers: The rich get richer. Ron Artest joins the champs and on paper the move looks like a good one but can he replace the intangibles that Ariza brought? It reminds me of Rodman joining the Bulls. Can Kobe manage Artest?

2. Suns: Nash and Stoudemire give it one last go. Probably this teams last shot but they will be lucky to get into the playoffs. They probably sneak in because they get to play the rest of this division.

3. Clippers: Griffin shattered his kneecap and that shattered the Clips chances of competing.

4. Warriors: A couple of scorers on this team but nobody to pass or defend. Two somewhat important things. How is this team not picked to finish dead last?

5. Kings: This is why. Name me two players on the Kings. I can’t either and I’m looking at their roster. 17 wins last year – they need to get lucky to reach that mark. I’m saying 14

Player to Watch: Stephen Curry – the guy can spot up from anywhere on the court. He may have to with all of the gunners on Golden State.

Player to Hate: Kobe


  1. Kevin Martin and Vlade Divac.

    I'm half kidding about Divac

  2. Tyreke Evans too. Why would he go pro - he was already being paid at Memphis