Tuesday, October 27, 2009

'09-'10 Preview: Southwest Division

Southwest:  Last year this was an extremely competitive division, with 4 of 5 teams making the playoffs and three teams finishing with 50+ wins.  San Antonio, Dallas and New Orleans will most likely finish around the same totals as last year, with Houston probably taking a major step backwards. Expect San Antonio to land in the top spot again this year. 

  1. San Antonio: Added Richard Jefferson to an already potent lineup.  They’ll dominate again this year.
  2. Dallas: Not much different from the ’08 team.  Jason Kidd is 36 years old now, and how much he has left in the tank is up for debate.
  3. New Orleans: CP3 is the man, but he’ll have his hands full competing within this division.
  4. Memphis:  This team has tons of potential moving forward, with the likes of O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay and Hasheem Thabeet coming up the ranks.  This year will be a maturing season for the squad, but expect big things in the next year or two.  Oh yeah, they added some dude named Iverson in the offseason.
  5. Houston:  No McGrady and no Yao for at least 30 games to start the season. This team will be in the toilet all season.

Player to Watch: Allen Iverson.  How will Philly’s favorite son fare coming *gasp* off the bench? Is it over for A.I.? I say yes.

Player to Hate:  Marco Jaric. Why? Because of his wife. You will be pleased/infuriated when you click on the link.



  1. I love the Spurs and everything they stand for. (This would've never happened if Philadelphia still had a basketball team).

    You just know Jefferson will be resurrected and play well for them. I also heard Dejuan Blair played very well in preseason. Undersized, but kind of beasty.

    But once again their hopes will ride on Manu's health. If he's healthy, they win it all.

  2. To me, Jefferson is such a soft player. If he can fit into the background in San Antone he could do well. Spurs are always tough but I do not see them hanging with L.A.

    Jason Kidd cannot keep up with the young point guards like Paul and DWilliams. 3 year $25 million for him is ludicrous

  3. Agreed- Jefferson is charmin soft. But the Spurs have plenty of toughness, and he is uber-athletic, which they need. He plays good D too. Can at least bother Kobe. That fag.

  4. If New Orleans can find a shooting guard I like them to finish second benind the Spurs. Peja has to stay healthy though.

    The Spurs are deep. Does Manu still come off the bench? Matt Bonner, the big white boy draining threes.

    I forgot about Blair. all this hype that he was a top 10 pick (during the college season) and then he drops. Was he a second rounder?