Friday, October 16, 2009


Some quick thoughts on the Phils 8-6 victory last night while I nurse this hangover….

  • I’ve never been so nervous watching a Phils game when they’re up four runs. Playoff baseball is the best.
  • TBS Sucks
  • Ryan Howard is severely underrated in terms of national attention…he’s as dangerous as ANY player in MLB with a bat in his hands.
  • What the hell gets into Chooch in the postseason? Unbelievable.
  • I was in the bar last night so my judgment could be skewed, but on Chooch’s HR it seemed that the announcers barely made a sound.  When Manny hit his HR the sound on the TV was distorted because the announcer was screaming so loud.  Am I right about this? Either way, fuck you TBS.   
  • I hope this Brad Lidge resurgence is for real. I hope that Ryan Madsen shit-show is not.  
  • Russell Martin = Canadian pussy.
  • The Ho Train dominated last night.  The 7th inning was a thing of beauty.
  • Can you believe Torre left Kershaw in for so long in the 5th inning? It was great for Phils fans, but what the hell was he thinking?
  • Pedro tonight…I don’t know how I feel about that.  Thoughts?
  • 1-0 mother fucker….three more wins until the World Series.

Thoughts on the game last night? Thoughts on Pedro this afternoon?



  1. 4 Things

    1. Fuck TBS
    2. Fuck Yea Chan Ho
    3. Pedro should put ine in Manny's ear after the way he acted when he hit the home run.
    4. I am severely hung

  2. Can we put a petition together for MLB to move away from TBS? Why would they give them the playoff series when they don't handle any games throughout the season? They're horrible!

    Ho looked like he was on a mission against his old team.

    I like Pedro today. I'm guessing 7.2, 6 hits, 1 run.

    What's everybody doing for the game?

    Go Phils!

  3. TBS covers the braves all year, so how do they tie in to the NLCS? They are an absolute JOKE. This is another one of Bud Selig's genius moves. Ron Darling is a disgrace.

    I like Pedro today too. I think he will at least put the Phils in a position to take game 2. I am so pumped! GO PHILS!

  4. I don't know what to expect out of Pedro today. I expect big numbers off of Tortillia Padillia though

    Pedro goes 3+, Blanton go 4 and a W - Phils win 11-8

  5. I thought Manny's homer won them the pennant until I realized it was only the 5th inning and that the Phillies were still winning.