Friday, October 16, 2009

Game 2 - Live

Philadelphia at LA Dodgers

The Phils look to steal both games in L.A. Pedro Martinez takes the hill against Vincente Padilla in Game 2 of the NLCS. This will be the Phillies 80th all-time postseason game and 11th at Dodger Stadium. Pedro Martinez has the highest (career)active winning percentage in baseball at .687. He will make his first postseason start since Game 3 of the '04 World Series (7IP, 0 ER).Manny Ramirez is a career .167(5-30, 0 HR) hitter against Pedro. Raul Ibanez is a .321 (9-28, 2 HR)hitter against Dodger starter Vincente Padilla. Lineups after the jump.

J. Rollins ss .200
S. Victorino cf .400
C. Utley 2b .000
R. Howard 1b .333
J. Werth rf .000
R. Ibanez lf .500
P. Feliz 3b .000
C. Ruiz c .667
P. Martinez p .000

R. Furcal ss .250
M. Kemp cf .400
A. Ethier rf .600
M. Ramirez lf .200
J. Loney 1b .750
C. Blake 3b .000
R. Belliard 2b .400
R. Martin c .500
V. Padilla p .000

Go Phils!


  1. Not to get on the announcers already, but they've said 12 times already that Pedro isn't the same pitcher that he used to be and these Dodgers hitters need to realize that.

    No score through 2.

  2. Didn't realize that Ron Darling was the Mets TV & Radio guy.

  3. I just caught up on DVR - both pitchers looked great in fast forward.

  4. That's two errors this series...

    I really hope this series doesn't make me hate Jim Thome.

  5. what's weird is that the if you go back and look at the last few routine grounders that Chase took - his throws were a little wild. Mental?

  6. Golden Glove has been known to be a little wild on his throws from time to time...I feel ur pain Chase.

  7. They did seem like they were wild are series

  8. I feel bad for Ho - should have been another great inning for him

  9. Did he not catch that on purpose?

  10. yeah - on purpose. Smart play huh? never wudda thought of that

  11. ok - top of the order - let's get it back

  12. Rollins will get on base. That will get it started.

  13. time to let the bat do some talkin victo