Thursday, October 8, 2009

12-year-old Sues Phils for Howard's 200th

Via FoxSports: A Florida girl who grabbed a historic home run ball hit by Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard has her prize back after suing the team for its return.The July home run against the Florida Marlins was Howard's 200th. He achieved that milestone in the fewest games in major league history.

After 12-year-old Jennifer Valdivia scooped up the ball, she was escorted to the Phillies clubhouse alone, the girl's lawyer Norm Kent told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Kent also said the team exchanged the home-run ball for an autographed ball worth a lot less.

The girl's mother filed a lawsuit Monday seeking the home run ball's return. Kent says the Phillies agreed and now Jennifer has the ball back.

A Phillies spokesman did not immediately return a telephone call Wednesday seeking comment.

I would be curious to know how much the original ball is worth. I can’t imagine it’s too valuable, but I guess it must be worth something if this family was willing to go through the headache of a lawsuit. What do you guys think? How much is that ball worth?

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  1. The ball cannot be worth that much. If amything it is worth a lot to Howard, but there cannot be much value to it.

    Leave it to a Florida Marlins fan to go through all this over a ball. Personally I would rather have an autographed ball from Ryan Howard than his 200th home run ball. How are you going to distinguish that it is his 200th home run ball anyway? Its not like that is going to Cooperstown or anything. This is absoulutely ridiculous.

    I am assuming that the Phils settled because they went about getting the ball the wrong way. You cannot just take a little girl away by herself and try to get the ball back. They should have taken the guardian that was with her too.