Thursday, October 8, 2009


The Rockies stole home field advantage, taking game two, 5-4 Thursday afternoon. Tough day for Cole Hamels, giving up 4 runs and 7 hits in 5 innings. The Phillies made it interesting coming back from a 4-0 deficit but could not get the tying run to cross the plate. Aaron Cook takes the win and Huston Street, the save. The Phillies out hit Colorado 11-9.

I would write more about it but the a'hole's played at 2:37 and my boss is not a baseball fan - jerk. The Best of 5 is now a best of 3 with games 3 and 4 in Denver. Jason Hammel will start against either Pedro or Joe Blanton.

I am still very confident about the Phillies chances, though the 'pen may really hurt them down the road. I feel like the Rockies kind of escaped with a win today. But the Phils can't afford a bad game or they could be going home early. I still like the Phils but i think it might be 5 instead of 4. I hope the Happ injury is not serious because they cannot afford to lose him.

-I thought Bastardo coming in for that strikeout against Giambi was going to be one of those big moments that you look back on as a turning point - didn't quite turn out that way.

-With as strong a lineup as the Phillies have...Bottom 9th, down 1, Pinch hitter, pinch hitter, Cairo. Kiddin me?

-The Phillies used Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton, J Happ, A Bastardo, Brett Myers and Cliff Lee (Pinch runner)in this game. 6 starting pitchers used in 1 game has to be some kind of record.

-Who do you hate more Kaz Matsui or Yorvit Torrealba? Both f'rs hit killer game 2 bombs against the Phils.

-Victo had 3 hits but damn, that would have been sweet to sneak that one past Barmes in the ninth..though Lee probably would have been gunned down in a collision at the plate.

- Agree with R.H. I don't know what the thinking was using both Blanton and Happ in the game. I like Pedro too but I'm not too comfortable with him going in a pivotal game 3. I hope that Blanton can go at full strength.

- Congrats to Cole on his kid. Now I expect 100% focus in the NLCS.

-Good riddance to 2:37

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