Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nike denies Deal with Vick

A day after Michael Vick's agent confirmed a deal with Nike to the Philly Inquirer, Nike is denying that they have reached a deal with the Birds backup QB. Nike does not have a contractual relationship with Michael Vick," Nike spokesman Kejuan Wilkins said, in a statement. "We have agreed to supply product to Michael Vick as we do a number of athletes who are not under contract with Nike.”

Before his dog-fighting issues - Vick had 5 signature shoes made for him by Nike before his contract was terminated in '07. He is the most popular backup in the league, his Jersey is top 5 in sales. Sucks for them because he'll be in a new uniform by next year.


  1. Nike would be foolish to endorse him. All that would do is draw negative attention to an already well reputable company. I wish the Eagles traded him to Dolphins for Ted Ginn Jr.

  2. The Phins already have Vick Jr. (Pat White)...I know, he's no where near as explosive..or good for that matter. But if we got Ted Ginn Jr, we would have the fastest group of WRs ever!

    Nike's just leaking this story to get people to forget about the Lebron video fiasco. That company isn't the same since Phil Knight left.

  3. Why anybody would give anything of value for Vick boggles my mind. I believe Sec 202 started that rumor though.

    I think the LeBron video has already been forgotten. I saw it - wasn't that good. LeBron was late playing help defense - thats all.

    It would draw negative attention and bring in alot of money - for each Jaworski jersey they sell

  4. I was saying that because Pennington is out for the year and the Dolphins need a starting QB. I hate Vick. I cannot wait to see him go.

  5. Ted Ginn Jr. couldn't catch a cold. Runs like Mays, catches like shit.
    Agreed on the Lebron was that even newsworthy? He was obviously going half-speed and smartly not risking an injury in a pickup game with a bunch of scrubs.

    Funny how Nike couldn't deny this deal fast enough. The new Air Vick's are 100% dog leather.
    I'm just glad I learned the true identity of Spider Rico at happy hour last week.

  6. I bet you that you might find one Ted Ginn Jr on R.H.'s fantasy team. I have only heard him talk about Khallil Greene with such venom.

  7. Runs like Mays? You mean WR Derrick Mays from the early 90s Notre Dame teams?

    God, I need to get some more Notre Dame fans on here!

  8. I hope he didn't mean Joe Mays