Thursday, October 22, 2009


Once again the Phils did not disappoint last night. Capturing their second consecutive pennant in style, this team is clearly the class of the NL. Now the Yankees are up 3-1 so I would assume that is who we will play come Wednesday, so brace yourself Phillies fans. Just like last series we will have to hear all the bull shit about the Yankees and how the Phils don't stand a chance. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver will be blowing Jeter and A-Rod the whole series. I will have to hear that fat shit Arty Lange talk about his "beloved" Yankees on Howard Stern every morning.(heroin addict) This is something that all of us are going to have deal with throughout the next two weeks. I am just warning everyone out there. ESPN will be all over the Yankees, but the good news is that we will won't have to hear Steve Phillips because he will be out cheating on his wife. Kate Hudson and her gay boyfriend will be talked about more than what Cliff Lee has done throughout the playoffs. Everywhere will be all about the Yankees and how good they are, not the fact that the Phils just ran through the National League like they were playing a bunch of American Legion teams. This is all fine with me because this team will finally get the opportunity to prove themselves on a national stage, and get the respect that they deserve when they hand it to the Yankees.

I am not saying that the Yankees are a bad team, and I am really looking forward to playing them. I think this will be a great series, provided the Yankees close out the series with the Angels. As a Phillies fan I think that I would rather play the Yankees over the Angels. The Phils match up better with the Yankees, and the Angels have beat us pretty good over the recent years. I am just hoping that the Angels make things interesting. Maybe win tonight and force them to go back to New York for a game 6. By the Phils winning last night that will give them a full week of rest which is well deserved. This will give them the opportunity to get refreshed and ready to come out and kick the Yankees asses. F the Yankees and everything they are about. Let's Go Phils!


  1. That should be Lange with an "E". Fuck it, I would rather be the underdog. It will make winning all that much better. Read Stark's article on This team has changed the whole Philly Fan mindset.
    When we made the playoffs the Yanks were the team I wanted in the WS. If we beat them and all the bullshit that comes with them, it will be a championship that will never be matched in this town. So bring on Safatia, A-Roid, and the rest of those front running sell-outs. I like our chances. Oh, and Joe Buck sucks.


  2. I am so pumped for a Yanks Phils series. I think I may be one of the only dual Phils/Yanks fans here on this board so I fully expect to take some abuse.

    I was never a diehard yanks fan or anything - but when you are 8 years old and lucky enough to have Joltin' Joe Dimaggio himself step into your elevator, shake your hand, look you in the eye and say "how 'bout them Yankees?", I don't think the baseball gods allow you much choice to at least not hate them.

    As Sec 202 said - this is going to be a battle - a great series - and I believe the Fighten's are going to need every one of the 7 games to take the crown (which they will).

    Last year, we hate to admit it but much of the country ignored/tuned out the Tampa/Philly world series. This year, the Phils get their chance to truly win national respect.

    Go Phils!

  3. Dimaggio? F him, that prick. And as Steinbrenner said, "Babe Ruth was nothing but a big fat man with little girly legs".

    Phils are peaking. While the Yanks haven't been great by any stretch. They should've lost Game 2 if the Angels didn't choke on it, and the Twins series could've been ALOT different if not for a few plays and the worst call I've ever seen on Mauer's ball down the line that was fair by 3 feet.

    Kate Hudson has already banged her way through the music industry and Hollywood (to the bottom), so I guess professional sports was just next in the natural progression. And who better and phonier than Gay-Rod?

    Bon Voyage, TBS!! Thanks for nothing!
    Joe Buck has begun sucking golf balls through a garden hose in preparation...

  4. This Yankees Bullpen ain't so bad

  5. Phil Hughes looked terrified. Joba reached his 10 pitch limit

  6. These umps look terrified too

  7. Going back to New York

  8. TBS was bad kissing the Dodgers ass...does this sound about right

    "their bullpen is very good, and we ALL know the issues the Phillies pen had in the regular season"

    it will be the same shit if we play the Yankees... and how A Roid is the best hitter on the planet. McCarver and Buck touch themselves when they talk about CC, Jeter and A Rod.....

    I love us getting no respect....

    Do work, Phils in 6 if they play Yanks, in 5 if Angels survive the umps and the yankees

  9. Man of a Certain AgeOctober 23, 2009 at 9:57 PM

    Why are we getting such a bad rap? I love TBS

  10. Would love to the Angels win tonight so the Yanks have to pitch CC in Game 7, then won't be able to pitch again until game 2 - on 3 days rest.

  11. doc - agree, that would be huge.

    Although, as Spider Rico prophesized over beers several months ago, it would be also be kinda neat to see the entire city of Cleveland forced to cry in their ten cent beers during a a CC vs. CLee matchup in game 1.

  12. True - Back on Aug 28 DW predicted the possibility also
    Thanks Cleveland