Monday, October 26, 2009

Phillies vs Yankees

Well here we are Phils fans, another World Series, and another October bender. Wednesday cannot come soon enough. If you are a Phils fan, it doesn't get any better than this. Taking on the team that has a $200 million payroll, a $1.5 billion stadium, and a complete douche bag for an owner. I think that I speak for the city of Philadelphia when I say that there is not another team that I hate more than the Yankees right now. So all of you front running Yankee fans out there that plan on going to Citizens Bank Park for the games, prepare to feel very uncomfortable. CBP will be a very hostile environment that does not tolerate losers that only like a team because they have won the most championships. I know if any of you will be sitting in section 419 for game 5 I will personally make you feel unwelcome.

Analysts are already talking about both bullpens. Obviously they are saying that the Phils have question marks, which is true. They are also saying that the Yankees bullpen is so good, with the spitballer Rivera and company. Do you mean to tell me that Joba Chamberlain is going to shut this offense down? He is the biggest stiff since Adam Eaton. Oh, and didn't the Dodgers have the best bullpen in baseball? What happened in that series? The key to this series will be Chase Utley and Brad Lidge. Utley needs to get back on track, hitting the ball to the gaps and driving in runs. Hopefully with this week off Chase can bounce back, and start hitting (and fielding) like he normally does. Brad Lidge also needs to continue his post season success. So far he has three saves and a win, with 0.00 ERA. If he can continue to shut the door, and get big outs late in the game the Phils will have a really good chance to win this thing.

P.S. It could not get any worse right now for a Mets fan. Their division rival and their hated foe are playing each other in the World Series. I think the Mets have officially hit rock bottom, and I love it!


  1. That is the finniest picture ever! Almost as good as the picture of A-Rod kissing himself in the mirror. We should definitely blow these picture up and post them around Citizens Bank Park.

    I went to the Flyers game last night with a Mets fan (the same Mets fan that Sec202 scared into taking off his Carlos Beltran jersey in the parking lot of CBP two years ago) and he doesn't know what to do with himself. Not only are his two rivals playing eachother in the World Series, the Washington Nationals have more promise over the next 3-5 years than the Mets do. I think he's about ready to jump off a cliff. It's hilarious!

    Remember when Johan Santana was going to put them over the top? Remember when K-Rod was going to put them over the top? Remember when they almost lost 100 games this season with Johan Santana and K-Rod on their team?

    I love it!

    Isn't it funny that we're talking about Chase Utley needing to get back on track? He's batting .303 so far in the post-season!