Monday, October 26, 2009

What Happened Then...

Now that the Phils will officially be taking on the New York Yankees this Wednesday in the World Series, I thought we’d take a look at what happened earlier this season when the two teams met. Interestingly enough, the Phils will be taking on the same three pitchers in the Fall Classic – Burnett, Pettite and CC. Here’s what happened back in May…

May 22nd: Phils 7 Yanks 3 W: Myers L: Burnett

On the Mound:

Myers, 8IP 8H 3ER 0BB 5K

Burnett, 6IP 8H 5ER 2BB 7K

At the Plate:

Werth, Rollins and Chooch all homered off of Burnett in the win. Jeter and Teixeira both homered off of Myers in the 8th inning, and A-Rod hit one earlier in the game. Phils dominated.

May 23rd: Phils 4 Yanks 5 W: Veras L: Lidge

On the Mound:

Happ, 6IP 4H 2ER 0BB 4K

Pettite, 7IP 5H 4ER 2BB 5K

Lidge, 0.1IP 3H 3ER 1BB 1K

At the Plate:

Phils were up 4-2 heading into the Bottom of the 9th with Lidge coming into the game. A-Rod tied the game with a 2-run bomb and Cabrera later hit the game-winning single with a man on second. F’n Lidge.

May 24th: Phils 4 Yanks 3 (11) W: Condrey L: Tomko

On the Mound:

Hamels, 6IP 8H 2ER 0BB 5K

Sabathia, 8IP 9H 3ER 0BB 4K

At the Plate:

J-Roll, Victorino, Ibanez and Chooch all knocked in runs in this game. Teixeira homered off Hamels in the 6th for the Yankees. Chooch had the game-winning double to score Utley in the Top of the 11th, and Condrey threw a perfect bottom half of the inning for the win. F Sabathia.

2-1 for the series with the only loss coming at the hands of a Brad Lidge blown save – not too shabby. Of course, the Phils have a new ace up their sleeve they didn’t have back in May…maybe you’ve heard of him. This will mean nothing to the talking heads at ESPN, SI, etc., however, who will ALL pick the Yankees to win this series. Who gives a shit, though? They all picked the Rockies and Dodgers to win the previous series’, and we all know how that worked out. I am so f’n pumped for this series; Wednesday can’t get here fast enough! GO PHILS!!!

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  1. Brad Lidge also blew the save in the last game that the Phils won in 11 innings.