Friday, October 2, 2009

Phils at 1:30 on Wednesday?

Just checked TBS’ Wednesday TV schedule, and as of now the station has time slots reserved at 1:30pm, 5 pm and 8:30 pm for MLB playoff games.  I think it’s safe to assume one of the AL games will take precedence for the prime time game, so don’t expect to see your Fightins on Wednesday night.  Honestly though, how can you blame TBS, we all agree this is Red Sox/Yankees Nation, right? Give me a goddamned break. Anyway, a West Coast home game will have to be played at 5pm EST for obvious time zone reasons, thus leaving the 1:30 slot open for the WFC’s.  Talk about disrespect.  The defending champs deserve the 8:30 game – F the AL East and F TBS!

I hate the afternoon playoff game. Not just because the Phillies seem to always land in that spot, but for the fact that it robs thousands of fans the enjoyment of watching their team play on TV - listening to the game or following online just isn’t the same.  I can’t imagine it does anything for ratings either, what average fan is at home in the middle of the day on a Wednesday afternoon?  Total BS. MLB should really do something about this, there has to be an alternative.


  1. I didn't realize teams can pick their game? Maybe its the top seeds - im not sure. I heard on the radio that the Yankees get to pick if they play Wednesday or Thursday. Does anybody know anything about that?

  2. I am hoping the schedule isn't set yet. That would mean a 10:30am start in Colorado, right?

  3. Verducci from

    Don't expect much offense in a Phillies-Rockies series. The way the playoff matchups stand as of Friday, the Phillies are likely to get two 3:07 p.m. starts to open the NLDS next week. (Hard to imagine the Yankees will get the daytime slot on Wednesday, or the Angels or Dodgers, which would mean a noon start local time, getting it on Thursday.) That means shadows and rough lighting conditions.

    The Phillies have hosted three 3:07 p.m. postseason starts in the previous two seasons. In those three games the Phillies and their opponents, the Rockies in 2007 and the Brewers last year, combined to hit .203 with 55 strikeouts in 53 innings. So how do you hit Ubaldo Jimenez and his power stuff in the fall twilight? Pray for serious cloud cover.

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