Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rockies at Phils

Colorado Rockies (0-1) at Philadelphia Phillies (1-0)

Aaron Cook (11-6) 4.16 takes the hill for the Rockies against '08 NLCS/WS MVP Cole Hamels (10-11, 4.32) in game 2 of the NLDS. Cook will be making his 2nd career postseason start and first since Game 4 of the '07 World Series against Boston. He is 0-1, 4.91 against the Phils this year (11 IP's) and 1-5, 5.85 career. Cole Hamels is 2-1, 2.28 in his postseason career at CBP. The Phillies finished 45-36 at home during the regular season. Lineups after the jump


C. Gonzalez lf .500
D. Fowler cf .000
T. Helton 1b .000
T. Tulowitzki ss .500
G. Atkins 3b .250
Y. Torrealba c .333
R. Spilborghs rf .000
C. Barmes 2b .000
A. Cook p .000

J. Rollins ss .250
S. Victorino cf .250
C. Utley 2b .250
R. Howard 1b .500
J. Werth rf .667
R. Ibanez lf .500
P. Feliz 3b .250
C. Ruiz c .333
C. Hamels p .000

Let's get some in-game updates.



  1. Blanton is in the game - guess that means Happ is game 3 starter

  2. 4-3 Rocks, 1 out, Fuck I gotta go to work.

  3. RAUUUL! 2 rbi single after Werth struck out

    4-3 1 out

  4. Bases loaded 0-outs for Colorado. Happ relieved Blanton

  5. Happ out, Eyre in - gets out of it only allowing 1 run - 5-3

    Not sure if Happ is hurt or it was like a BP session

  6. Hamels' season-long funk continues. Manuel's use of Blanton and Happ was vexing (was this the 7th game of the World Series?). He looks even worse if Happ is hurt.
    After game one, everyone on the radio said the Phils would sweep. Now I suppose they'll all say they will lose the series. Idiots.

    Sucks listening to the F'n radio at work. And worse yet, 1210 doesn't come in for me, so I had to listen to 950. Chris Berman and Sutcliff....ugh!!! Berman is AWWWWWWWWWWWFUL. Worst I've ever heard. And Sutcliff was really far up the Rockies ass. I was yearning for Wheels. Bad times.