Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am so sick and tired of hearing about this steroid using piece of shit Gay Rod. I don't care about who he is dating, even though Kate Hudson is a cover up because he really blows dudes. All of the sudden analysts and Yankees fans think he is Mr. October because he had a few hits against a terrible Twins team, and the Angels. Look what he has done throughout his career. He has sucked in the past and it has taken him years to finally contribute in the postseason. I don't care how much talent this freak has. He took steroids, and he is a CHOKE ARTIST! This is his first World Series in his career, so I am sure that his ass will be tight, and he will want to dig himself a hole because he can't handle pressure. All of the analysts are saying that A Rod is finally "relaxed" and that is why he is hitting. So that means it took 5 years for him to get relaxed in the playoffs. Well I have news for you pal, the World Series is whole different beast to tame.

Remember when this bitch was crying about the Yankees fans booing him? What is he going to do when he comes to Philly? If you think Manny got it bad in the Dodgers series, I can't imagine what will happen to Gay Rod. He is almost guaranteed to start taking steroids again after his trip to Philly.

FU A Rod! You are a loser, you haven't won anything in your career. You are a shitty teammate, and even a worse human being. You cheated baseball to win MVPs, you made an ass of yourself about your contracts, women (strippers), and more importantly your postseason career. So good luck in the series I hope you SUCK!

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  1. Oh man, classic picture! Forgot about that one. The sad (and hilarious) thing is that the photo isn't even doctored.