Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who You Got?

Don’t know if you heard or not, but there’s a baseball game tonight in the Bronx. It feels like months since the Phillies dispatched of the Dodgers in the NLCS, but after all the waiting it’s finally here. World Series Game 1 in New York tonight: two former Indians on the mound, MVP-caliber talent in the field, and 50,000 scumbags in the stands. It doesn’t get any better than this! GO PHILS!

The only question that matters now: Who wins? How many games? Who’s your MVP?

Namesake: Phils beat Sabathia tonight, take two in Philly, and take Game 7 in the Bronx – mark it down. Taking into consideration the issues the Phillies have had with inconsistent starting pitching (Hamels), I really feel like tonight’s game is crucial to the Phillies success in this series - they need to win when Cliff Lee pitches. If they lose tonight a ton of pressure is put on the shoulders of Pedro Martinez, and I’m not saying he isn’t up to it, but it would make me nervous as hell. Regardless, I’m confident that they get it done – no doubt about it. Howard will continue his dominance, Lidge will be lights out, and Chase Utley is going to become the next great Yankee killer. FUNY!

Phils in 7. MVP: Cliff Lee.

Doc: This is what we’ve been waiting for! I haven’t gotten any work done in a week. Key for the Phillies is to steal a game in NY. If they can win tonight, NY would be spooked (down goes C.C.) and it takes the pressure off Pedro (not so much worried about Pedro but more me watching Pedro, down1-0) and I can see the Phillies winning it at home. Howeva – here is how I see it. Yanks take Game 1, 3-2. The Phillies answer and win a bullpen game, 8-5. Cole outlasts Pettite, 4-2 in Game 3 and C.C tops Blanton 6-3 in Game 4. Now it’s a 3 game series with Philly favored pitching matchups in 2 of the 3. Game 5, Lee beats Burnett, 5-1. Pedro vs 3-day rest Pettite (if Clemens misremember’s not to inject him) or Gaudin in Game 6. Phils win 10-4!

Phils in 6! MVP: Jayson Werth

Sec202: I know that I said before that I liked the Phils in 7, but I did some thinking and played it out in my head. I have to change my mind on this one. I know everyone is going to think that I am crazy, but I am standing by our shortstop on this one and going with the Phils in 5. Everyone keeps saying that it is impossible to beat CC 3 times in a series. Well who says that we are facing him three times? We will face him in game 1 and game 4. We take 1 in New York, and take the rest in Philly. For the Phils to win in 5 they only have to beat CC once. The rest of the Yankees starters are not that good. MVP is going to our shortstop. Remember last time he made a prediction against a New York team? What happened? That’s right New York you are just another New York team that will become a notch on Jimmy’s belt.

Phils in 5. MVP: Jimmy Rollins

Post your predictions and comments below.



  1. My two cents-

    Phils in 6. Sabathia on short rest once (maybe twice). We've seen this movie before.
    Cliff Lee MVP (Hey, I didn't say I was going out on a limb!).

    # of times they show Kate Hudson (and # of times I hold back vomit in my mouth)- 89

    # of kisses blown to A-Rod by Joe Buck (emphasis on "blown")- 35

    # of balls/strikes over-analyzed by McCarver- 1,256

  2. How can you not go with what J-Roll said? He's right on 90% of his predictions. Vegas better watch out.

    I like the Phils in 5 with Cliff Lee as the MVP.

    The Phils are unlike any team I've ever seen as a Phillies fan. There's something special about them.

    Unless Jerry Reinsdorf ends up owning the Phillies I don't see this team going away any time soon.

  3. Phils in 6...

    Lose game 2 & Game 5.

    MVP - Ryan Howard for hitting 3 or 4 homers in the series.

  4. I am late to this, so I will not pick Lee or Utley.

    I like the Phillies in 7 with Shane Victorino as MVP