Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 4 Notes

A few thoughts on Week 4’s action….

- Brandon Marshall is a beast. His catch in the 4th quarter to put the Broncos up for good on the Cowboys was a thing of beauty. The run was just as nice. On the flip side, Terrance Newman is a bitch. In his post-game press conference he was crying about having his jersey pulled by Marshall, saying that he would have intercepted the pass if not for the jersey pull. Somehow I doubt that. Watch the replay and you’ll see Marshall jump over Newman’s head to make the grab. Typical Cowboy reaction, though.

- B-Dawk is still the man…wish he was still an Eagle.

- Steelers fans should be slightly distraught this morning. Giving up 21 points in the 4th quarter is bush league. Chargers fans should also be worried. Their defense was nonexistent for most of the night, especially when it counted late in the game.

- I have to agree with Ray Lewis about the Pats-Ravens game yesterday. The two roughing the passer calls Brady received were horrendous. The second was worse than the first considering Tom Brady’s tantrum seemed to convince the official to throw the flag. Both penalties led to scores. I’d be pissed if I were a Ravens fan. I’m kind of pissed as a football fan, to be honest.

- The Saints defense showed up yesterday in a big way against the Jets. That team is pretty damn good.

- I am honestly shocked at how poorly the Titans have played this year. How the hell did they win 13 games last year?

- The Redskins are terrible. Lucky for them, Tampa Bay is just slightly more terrible. Washington is fortunate to have won that game yesterday, they suck.

- I hate bye weeks.


  1. Why is "I hate bye weeks." so much smaller than the rest of the post? Does that mean you were wispering?

  2. Brad - I hope you do a better job closing this week than you do spelling.

    I shouldn't talk because most of last week I was calling him Ryan Madsen instead of Madson.

  3. 202 - You going to defend me or what?

    Doc - Why are you always picking on me?

  4. I defended you all season from commenters like 202 but now all of a sudden there is blind faith in you. Looks like you will have first shot at a save - good luck. (too bad nobody in philly will see it because of the a-holes at TBS or MLB or whoever is in charge of it).

    My only advice would be to go out tonight and get hammered drunk. That usually works as a reset button for me.