Sunday, November 8, 2009

Atkins at the Hot Corner?

This has been a popular rumor among DW contributors the past couple of seasons. I always felt Atkins would be a good fit in Philly but hope last year season was a fluke. Chase Utley's best man is a career .289 hitter, could provide average and could legitimately drive in 90 runs hitting in the 7 hole.

"Phillies second baseman Chase Utley, a former teammate of Atkins' at UCLA, has always wanted his old college buddy to join him in Philadelphia. If Atkins became a free agent, the Phillies almost certainly could get him for less than the $5 million they would pay Pedro Feliz if they exercised his option. The team needs to make that decision by Monday."[foxsports]


  1. I like Atkins as a 3rd option for the Phils to sign. There are two to three better 3rd baseman out there that I would rather see them get before Atkins. Don't get me wrong I like Atkins, but Chone Figgins is the sexy choice here for the Phils at the hot corner. We already have a lot of power in our lineup, and to get more speed to compliment Victo and Rollins would be real nice. Its not a bad thing when you have three of the fastest guys in the league in your starting lineup.

  2. Completely agree that Figgins would be ideal but I have trouble seeing the Phillies going after a top name with alot of their cap tied into a handful of players. If they are willing to spend - he would be a good fit - probaby the best fit. His .395 OBP would look nice in front of Utley and Howard.

    I could see Adkins coming cheap after his bad '09 season..Tough to assume that he will bounce back so they would need a backup plan, as well.

  3. I was just reading that Beltre might be the guy they go after. If he can stay healthy that could be a nice pick up for them. He once was regarded as the best defensive 3rd basemen in the game with a lot of power.